NicRX Stop Smoking Aid Reviews

Review - Stop Smoking
NicRX helped our testers stop smoking fast and easy. NicRX crushed cravings and helped to diminish the urge to snack. Irritability and other side effects were not reported. Over the three-month test period this was an extremely successful product for nearly all of our testers.
NicoCure worked for a significant percentage of our testers. Cravings for cigarettes were present but more manageable. Irritability was a significant issue for our testers. NicoCure is much more expensive than our top-rated product but still effective.
The CigArrest system of lozenges and vitamins was only moderately effective for our testers. CigArrest also employs a very aggressive "auto-ship" program which is difficult to cancel. This product is not recommended for this reason.
Cig-Arette had only a slightly higher rate of success (23%) over quitting cold turkey (20%). Cravings were persistent. Most of our testers were smoking again before the course was complete. This product is not recommended.

NicRX Reviews

Rated: 90 out of 100

For some battles, getting a helping hand is a key to success. The battle to stop smoking is one such example. Every year, millions of people try to quit smoking on their own, and every year, millions of people fail. That’s because they didn’t get any help to slay the giant addiction of nicotine.

Stop smoking aids can be the helping hand you need to finally put an end to your nicotine habit. In this review, we’ll take a look at NicRx. Our NicRx reviews put this smoking aid to the test to see if it really produced the results it claimed to.

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Overall Score Success Percentage Test Results Customer Service Recommendation
Brand Price (3-month supply)      
NicRx $124.95


Must buy
Smoke Deter $119.85


Tentative buy
NicoCure $119.95


Tentative buy
CigArrest $299.85


Very good Very good Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Poor
Do not buy
Cig-Arette $269.85


Very good Very good Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Poor
Do not buy

NicRx Side Effects

One of the problems that plagues most stop smoking products is the side effects. Prescription stop smoking drugs often carry so many side effects that people discontinue their use and keep smoking instead. That’s why NicRx is such a welcome alternative in this market. Since NicRx contains an all herbal formula, it doesn’t require a prescription. More importantly, side effects are very rare, and they usually are just mild effects like an occasional headache or slight nausea when our testers forgot to take NicRX with food.

NicRX Ingredients

For those looking for a natural way to stop smoking, NicRx appears to be a great solution. The herbal formula in the pills contains lobelia herb, eleuthero root, passion flower, skullcap herb, sarsaparilla, peppermint leaf, safflower, and ginger root. Each of these herbs contains potent antismoking properties that help you safely kick the nicotine habit.

Does NicRX Work?

After extensive testing, we can say “Yes!” NicRx does work. Not only did this stop smoking product help the majority of our testers kick their nicotine habit to the curb, it also achieved the highest scores in every category we tested. Learn more on