Smoke Deter Stop Smoking Aid Review

Review - Stop Smoking
NicRX helped our testers stop smoking fast and easy. NicRX crushed cravings and helped to diminish the urge to snack. Irritability and other side effects were not reported. Over the three-month test period this was an extremely successful product for nearly all of our testers.
NicoCure worked for a significant percentage of our testers. Cravings for cigarettes were present but more manageable. Irritability was a significant issue for our testers. NicoCure is much more expensive than our top-rated product but still effective.
The CigArrest system of lozenges and vitamins was only moderately effective for our testers. CigArrest also employs a very aggressive "auto-ship" program which is difficult to cancel. This product is not recommended for this reason.
Cig-Arette had only a slightly higher rate of success (23%) over quitting cold turkey (20%). Cravings were persistent. Most of our testers were smoking again before the course was complete. This product is not recommended.

Smoke Deter Reviews

Rated: 90 out of 100

People who used Smoke Deter for one month reported that they were mostly successful in being able to resist cigarettes. Smoke Deter was generally viewed as a high quality system that did not generate unsafe side effects. While it was not very adept in diminishing irritation and frustration on the part of the former smokers, it did assist them in refraining from cigarette use.

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NicRX $49.95


Must buy
Smoke Deter $79.90


Tentative buy

Does Smoke Deter Work?

Smoke Deter does a satisfactory job of aiding tobacco addicts in the process of kicking their smoking habits. The Smoke Deter System consists of a spray that is formulated from natural herbal ingredients and a pill supplement made from plant extracts. This product works by protecting the body from the side effects that are commonly experienced during cigarette withdrawal. The blend of herbs that are found in Smoke Deter are effective in relieving symptoms such as headaches, nausea, stuffy head, and stomach pains. For best results, the spray can be used up to three times daily and the dietary supplement should be taken once a day.

Smoke Deter Ingredients

Smoke Deter has numerous herbal ingredients in its spray formula, as well as purified water and organic alcohol. Some of these ingredients are ignatia amara (for aches and pains), abies nigra (for stomachaches and coughs), tabacum 200C (for nausea and tobacco cravings), aconitum napellus (for chest pains), and plantago major 3X (for promoting an aversion to tobacco).

The dietary supplement that is part of the Smoke Deter System includes coral calcium, lobelia extract, passion flower, and licorice root extract. The capsules are also formulated from a blend of ingredients such as ginger extract, spearmint leaves, and hawthorne berries.

Free Smoke Deter?

Advertisements that offer “Free Smoke Deter” are misleading, as the product is only free for a period of 30 days. Afterward, you will continue to be billed for the product on a monthly basis unless you are able to navigate through the difficult cancellation process. Consumers who wish to purchase Smoke Deter should avoid these “free” offers.