CigArrest Stop Smoking Aid Reviews

Review - Stop Smoking
NicRX helped our testers stop smoking fast and easy. NicRX crushed cravings and helped to diminish the urge to snack. Irritability and other side effects were not reported. Over the three-month test period this was an extremely successful product for nearly all of our testers.
NicoCure worked for a significant percentage of our testers. Cravings for cigarettes were present but more manageable. Irritability was a significant issue for our testers. NicoCure is much more expensive than our top-rated product but still effective.
The CigArrest system of lozenges and vitamins was only moderately effective for our testers. CigArrest also employs a very aggressive "auto-ship" program which is difficult to cancel. This product is not recommended for this reason.
Cig-Arette had only a slightly higher rate of success (23%) over quitting cold turkey (20%). Cravings were persistent. Most of our testers were smoking again before the course was complete. This product is not recommended.

CigArrest Reviews

Rated: 82 out of 100

As smoking-related diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and other ailments become more prevalent among cigarette smokers, a number of individuals worldwide are seeking to stop smoking and reclaim their health before it's too late. As a result, stop smoking aids such as CigArrest have been developed.

CigArrest includes a vitamin, nicotine replacement lozenge (chewable tablet, or gum are also options), an audio CD and a booklet. In order to determine the effectiveness of CigArrest, we recruited a team of 168 smokers to test this and other top-rated stop smoking products. We tracked their progress over a period of three months and the results are below.

Our staff of experts have rated a number of products in this category and have listed their recommendations.

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NicRX $49.95


Must buy
CigArrest $99.85


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Do not buy

Does CigArrest Really Work?

CigArrest proved to be successful for 61-percent of our testers, which wasn't bad. Many of them were thrilled to see so many items in the initial package. They also enjoyed being able to tablets, gums or lozenges.

However, the high-pressure marketing of CigArrest proved to be a major turn-off to our test group. Consumers aren't allowed to simply make a one-time purchase of CigArrest, they are forced to join an auto-ship program instead. This type of program is very difficult to cancel. Because of this, a number of complaints have been filed against the manufacturers of CigArrest.

CigArrest Ingredients

The active ingredients in CigArrest include:

  • Lobelia inflata (Indian Tobacco)
  • Cinchona officinalis (Peruvian Bark)
  • Daphne indica (Spurge Laurel)
  • Plantago major (Plantain)
  • Calcarea phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate)
  • Nux vomica (Poison nut)

Free CigArrest?

The manufacturers of CigArrest offer a free trial on their web site. However, this requires you to sign up for an auto-ship program which, as we stated earlier, is quite problematic and difficult to cancel. CigArrest is only free 30 days, after which you will be billed $99.85 every month until you cancel. You will also be enrolled in a membership that will give you free steak knives, among other items, for 30 days, after which you will be billed $69. This is something you need to be aware of should you choose to try CigArrest.

In light of these difficulties, we have awarded CigArrest a “Do Not Buy” recommendation. Click here to view the test results of our top-rated stop smoking product.