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Review - Stop Smoking
NicRX helped our testers stop smoking fast and easy. NicRX crushed cravings and helped to diminish the urge to snack. Irritability and other side effects were not reported. Over the three-month test period this was an extremely successful product for nearly all of our testers.
NicoCure worked for a significant percentage of our testers. Cravings for cigarettes were present but more manageable. Irritability was a significant issue for our testers. NicoCure is much more expensive than our top-rated product but still effective.
The CigArrest system of lozenges and vitamins was only moderately effective for our testers. CigArrest also employs a very aggressive "auto-ship" program which is difficult to cancel. This product is not recommended for this reason.
Cig-Arette had only a slightly higher rate of success (23%) over quitting cold turkey (20%). Cravings were persistent. Most of our testers were smoking again before the course was complete. This product is not recommended.

NicoCure Reviews

Rated: 89 out of 100

Nicotine addiction is one of the most prevalent and hard-to-shake addictions in the world. As a growing number of smoking-related diseases claim the health and lives of cigarette smokers each day, an increasing majority are seeking to kick the habit.

As a result of this growing trend, stop smoking aids like NicoCure (now known as Smoke Deter) have been developed. In order to see how NicoCure would measure up to other stop smoking aids, we recruited a team of 168 smokers to test four top-rated products for a period of three months. We evaluated these results at the end of this period and were quite surprised by the results.

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Does NicoCure Work?

NicoCure performed satisfactorily as a stop smoking aid. After a month of using NicoCure, 64-percent of our test group was able to quit smoking. While the process of quitting wasn't easy or comfortable for our testers, a number of them were able to resist the urge to light up a cigarette.

In light of all this, NicoCure did nothing to decrease the irritability associated with kicking the smoking habit. A great number of our testers reported feeling emotionally fragile and aggravated during the three-month test period. We've deduced that NicoCure doesn't contain the ingredients necessary to diminishing these occurrences.

NicoCure Ingredients

The ingredients in NicoCure include the following:

  • Abies Nigra (Black Spruce)
  • Aconitum Napellus (Aconite; Monkshood; Wolfsbane)
  • Arsenicum Iodatum
  • Avena (Oat)
  • Ignatia Amara
  • Lung (Pulmo-porcine)
  • Nux Vomica (Poison Nut)
  • Plantago Major
  • Stricta Pulomaria (Lung Wort)
  • Tabacum
  • Organic Alcohol
  • Purified Water

Free NicoCure?

Based on the results of our test group, NicoCure was awarded a “Tentative Buy” rating. If you choose to order NicoCure (now marketed as Smoke Deter), beware of advertisements offering “Free NicoCure” or "Free Smoke Deter." NicoCure is only free for 30 days, after which you billed be billed every month until you are able to cancel. In many cases, a NicoCure free trial can cause a number of problems and be very difficult to cancel.

Customers wary of autoship programs should check out this highly rate stop smoking product: NicRx, which offers a 60 day satisfaction guarantee rather than a free trial.