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NicRx, NicoCure, Cig-Arette and CigArrest Reviews

Review - Stop Smoking
NicRX helped our testers stop smoking fast and easy. NicRX crushed cravings and helped to diminish the urge to snack. Irritability and other side effects were not reported. Over the three-month test period this was an extremely successful product for nearly all of our testers.
NicoCure worked for a significant percentage of our testers. Cravings for cigarettes were present but more manageable. Irritability was a significant issue for our testers. NicoCure is much more expensive than our top-rated product but still effective.
The CigArrest system of lozenges and vitamins was only moderately effective for our testers. CigArrest also employs a very aggressive "auto-ship" program which is difficult to cancel. This product is not recommended for this reason.
Cig-Arette had only a slightly higher rate of success (23%) over quitting cold turkey (20%). Cravings were persistent. Most of our testers were smoking again before the course was complete. This product is not recommended.

Stop Smoking Products and Pills

Smoking is one of the leading causes of health problems in the modern world. Millions of persons worldwide are addicted to cigarettes. Every day, thousands try to stop smoking. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to stop smoking. Cigarettes are as addictive as heroin. Quitting cold turkey almost never works. Nicotine patches just feed the addiction. So what's the solution?

A product that really helps a nicotine addict to stop smoking permanently has to relieve the addiction to cigarettes. The product must be available over-the-counter so that people can get help immediately -- without visits to a doctor or a specialist. Products should not cause jitteriness, anxiety or insomnia. And finally, the solution must help people stop smoking without creating just another addiction.

Our staff tested a variety of systems to help stop smoking. These smoking cessation products have some things in common. All are:

  • non-prescription
  • available over the counter
  • physiologically active (as opposed to therapy or counseling, which is a psychological solution)

We recruited a group of 468 smokers to test a variety of leading stop-smoking products for a 3-month period. At the end of three months, we evaluated the results. The conclusions surprised us. A significant number of people were able to stop smoking permanently. One product, NicRX, was by far the most successful in smoking cessation.

Our staff of experts have rated a number of products in this category and have listed their recommendations.

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A

Overall Score Success Percentage Test Results Customer Service Recommendation
Brand Price (3-month supply)      
NicRx $124.95


Must buy
Smoke Deter $119.85


Tentative buy
NicoCure $119.95


Tentative buy
CigArrest $299.85


Very good Very good Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Poor
Do not buy
Cig-Arette $269.85


Very good Very good Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Poor
Do not buy


Rated: 96 out of 100

NicRX was by far the most effective of the products our testers tried. 88% of our testers were able to completely stop smoking. This compares extremely favorably to the 20% success rate associated with the cold turkey method.

Cravings were rare and mild while NicRX was used. For the most part our testers simply did not feel the urge to smoke. One individual told us, "These pills made it easy to stop smoking." In addition, there was very little irritability or insomnia associated with the testers who used this product. The method of action is similar to nicotine replacement therapy, but NicRX is a nicotine-free product.

These impressive results were rather surprising to us. Based on the experiences of our testers, NicRX was awarded a must buy recommendation.


NicoCure was a reasonably successful stop smoking product. After a single month on NicoCure, 80% of our testers were able to stop smoking.

Those who used NicoCure reported relatively frequent but manageable. Stopping smoking wasn't pleasant or easy but our testers were able to master themselves and resist the urge to reach for a cigarette.

Interestingly, NicoCure did nothing to diminish the irritability associated with stopping smoking. Many of our testers felt easily aggravated and emotionally fragile during their month of testing. We assume that NicoCure doesn't contain ingredients to help diminish these issues.

Based on the performance plus the excessive cost (about twice as much as the top-rated product), NicoCure was awarded a tentative buy recommendation.

Smoke Deter

When tested by a research panel, Smoke Deter was found to be a reasonably effective smoke cessation product. Eighty percent of the testers who used Smoke Deter for one month were able to successfully quit smoking.

Smoke Deter helped our testers to manage their frequent cravings for tobacco. While they did not find it particularly enjoyable or effortless to stop smoking, they were able to maintain control over the desire to pick up a cigarette.

The research panel reported feelings of aggravation and emotional stress when using Smoke Deter to stop their cigarette habits. Smoke Deter does not appear to contain ingredients that alleviate irritability during the smoke cessation process.

Smoke Deter received an overall recommendation of tentative buy based on the testers' evaluation of its performance.


CigArrest includes a nicotine replacement lozenge (or gum, or chewable tablet), a vitamin, a CD and a booklet. Our testers felt glad to open the initial package and see so many items.

The success rate for the CigArrest system is a respectable 63%. Many of our testers liked being able to choose between lozenges, gum or tablets -- they also liked the oral element of the CigArrest system.

The major downside of the CigArrest system is its over-aggressive marketing. A consumer can't simply purchase CigArrest. One is forced to sign up for an auto-ship type program which is extremely difficult to cancel. There are many complaints against the manufacturers of CigArrest for this very reason.

Considering these difficulties, and the easy availability of better products, CigArrest received a do not buy recommendation.


The Cig-Arette system consists of 4 different herbal formulations used at different times during the stop smoking process. The system seemed rather complicated and it is certainly more difficult to use than the other systems we tested.

The success rate for Cig-Arette was only 23% -- slightly higher than the cold turkey success rage (20%). Our testers reported no reduction at all in the urge to smoke. Cravings were relentless. Several testers gave up within the first week. Those who managed to stop smoking described the process as one of the most difficult of their lives.

Cig-Arette did not seem to work for our test group. Therefore we gave the Cig-Arette system a do not buy recommendation.