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Melatrol Sleep Aid Review

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Avinol PM
avinol pm sleep aid
Avinol PM was the most effective sleep aid tested by the Product-Critic review panel. Avinol PM contains melatonin and 5-HTP for uninterrupted bed rest and improved sleep. Developed by Advanced Nutraceuticals, LLC, Avinol PM is available through a Free Trial promotion.
melatrol sleep
Melatrol Natural Sleep Aid is a mild sedative that targets occasional sleeplessness and nightly tossing and turning. This product contains valerian root, melatonin, and Relora, a dietary supplement intended for stress.
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OxySleep Natural Sleep Aid is an herbal supplement product that contains melatonin. OxySleep works to reduce sleep onset latency, which is the length of time it takes to transition from full wakefulness to light sleep.
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Somnatrol is a sleep aid specifically designed to relieve insomnia. Somnatrol is developed by Sterling Grant Laboratories and contains vitamin B6, valerian root, tryptophan, melatonin, chamomile flower, and other natural ingredients.
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Alteril is an herbal sleep supplement developed by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. This supplement contains L-tryptophan and melatonin but produces minimal sedative effects.
Dream Elements
Dream Elements
Are you having problems getting to sleep at night? Dream Elements Sleep Pillow Spray makes sure you're drifting off to dreamland in an environment that is ideally crafted for the best possible rest.
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Are you having problems getting to sleep at night? Dream Elements anti blue light glasses help block excess blue light exposure so that your body can sleep better and feel more rested. They are also useful for preventing eye strain symptoms.

Rated: 89 out of 100

Melatrol Natural Sleep Aid is a product from the Relora company, and as such, Melatrol contains ReloraMax, an herbal supplement that eliminates stress and restores depleted energy levels. In addition to improved bed rest, Melatrol also acts as antiviral adaptogen to support your immune system.

Melatrol ranked second-best for the sleeping supplements tested here at Product-Critic, with an 89% consumer satisfaction rate. The overall opinion from our consumer test panel is that daily consumption of Melatrol successfully resulted in longer, uninterrupted rest at night.

However, the downside to Melatrol is the occasional morning grogginess - experienced by the bulk of Product-Critic's test panel during Product-Critic's two week testing period for this sleep aid.

The Results:

  1 Month Supply Overall Score Deeper, Longer Sleep? Decreased Difficulty Waking? Uninterrupted Sleep at Night? Rating
Avinol PM

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Yes Yes Yes Must Buy



Yes Somewhat Yes Tentative Buy

Melatrol Natural Sleep Aid Review

Melatrol natural sleep remedyAccording to the consumer feedback from our test panel, Melatrol is a highly effective sedative that provides its users with a relaxing feeling prior to its sedative effects kicking in. Of the 60 volunteers that opted to test this sleeping supplement for Product-Critic, 53 reported satisfaction with Melatrol's ability to put them to sleep.

While Melatrol's sleep-inducing properties are unquestionably solid, the only minor setback to using this sleep aid is waking up. Feedback from the Product-Critic consumer panel reported that Melatrol was ineffective at reducing the sluggish feeling you get upon waking, which can be fairly difficult to shake off on your own.

One consumer stated, "Unless I put a pot of coffee on the stove the second I managed to climb out of bed, I just couldn't wake up. Sure, I slept great, but I can't be late to work, so when I wake up, I don't want to be sleepy."

Melatrol Natural Sleep Aid Ingredients

Melatrol's natural formula includes some well-known staples in the Nutraceuticals industry for improved sleep. Some of Melatrol's ingredients include:

  • Valerian Officinalis Root
  • Gamma Amino Butyric Acid
  • L-5 Hydroxytryptophan (Griffonia Simplicifolia)
  • Melatonin (Derived from N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytryptamine Relora™)

Additional ingredients include rice flour, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and water.

Melatrol Natural Sleep Aid: Final Word

After a two week test period of 60 volunteers consuming Melatrol on a nightly basis, the verdict was clear: Melatrol is very good at helping you sleep when you need it. However, after determining all the factors required of a high-quality sleep aid, Product-Critic gave Melatrol a Tentative Buy rating, since a key factor to a good sleep aid is not only how well it puts you to sleep, but also how alert and refreshed you feel upon waking. However, Melatrol is nonetheless highly effective for undisturbed, deep sleep, and for reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

In short, Melatrol is a great sleeping aid for morning people who have difficulty falling asleep, or putting their minds to rest when they're sleeping. For those of us who struggle in the morning regardless of whether or not we've slept well, Avinol PM may be a better bet.