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Alteril Sleep Aid Review

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Avinol PM
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Avinol PM was the most effective sleep aid tested by the Product-Critic review panel. Avinol PM contains melatonin and 5-HTP for uninterrupted bed rest and improved sleep. Developed by Advanced Nutraceuticals, LLC, Avinol PM is available through a Free Trial promotion.
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Alteril is an herbal sleep supplement developed by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. This supplement contains L-tryptophan and melatonin but produces minimal sedative effects.
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Rated: 54 out of 100

Alteril is a relatively well-known herbal sleep supplement that is available only online. However, Alteril is not known for relieving sleeping disorders like you would expect. No, this supplement is instead notorious for its credit card scams and various side effects.

Given the large amount of reader emails requesting more information on whether or not Alteril will help them with their sleeping problems, we at Product-Critic felt that it was our responsibility to shed some light on this defective product. So we conducted a case study among 60 volunteers and put Alteril to the test.

The Results:

  1 Month Supply Overall Score Deeper, Longer Sleep? Decreased Difficulty Waking? Uninterrupted Sleep at Night? Rating
Avinol PM

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Yes Yes Yes Must Buy



No No No Do Not Buy

Herbal Ingredients in Alteril

Alteril sleeping supplementThe two primary ingredients in Alteril are L-Tryptophan and Melatonin. L-Tryptophan is a sedative found naturally in foods like tuna, warmed milk, and turkey - which is why Thanksgiving dinner makes you so sleepy.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what else is in Alteril, because Alteril refuses to list the entirety of its ingredients anywhere on the product's packaging or website.

This is a major red flag when purchasing any sort of medication or supplement. Any dietary product that does not provide complete ingredient information is not only a red flag, but is also in direct violation of FDA regulations.

We do not advise investing in any product without first thoroughly researching the contents of what you're about to consume.

Alteril's Side Effects

A quick Google search will reveal a ton of dirty laundry on Alteril, not only the company, but the negative effects of the product as well. Consumers who have used Alteril previously to treat their sleeping problems reported adverse symptoms, including nausea, migraines, head and body aches. There was even one documented incident of a person who died while taking Alteril.

As if this weren't terrifying enough, Alteril is also a classic example of an internet sleep aid scam. Alteril is notorious for refusing to cancel trial subscriptions or provide refunds, and has horrific customer service.

And finally, Alteril fails to provide a comprehensive ingredient list on the bottle, which is in direct violation of FDA regulations.

Test Panel Review for Alteril

Alteril is developed by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. Biotab Nutraceuticals claims that Alteril will produce "deeper, more restful stages of sleep." However, consumer feedback from the test panel was generally negative for Alteril and disagreed with the company's claims almost entirely.

In fact, 39 of the 60 volunteers who tested Alteril for Product-Critic stated that the only benefit that they received from taking Alteril is that once they finally did manage to fall asleep, they generally did not wake up again until morning. Unfortunately, most of these consumers failed to fall asleep at a reasonable hour while taking Alteril.

Alteril Natural Sleep Aid: Final Word

It is the opinion of the entire Product-Critic staff and the consumer test panel that Alteril is a Do Not Buy sleep aid. The few (if any) benefits of this product simply do not outweigh its cost.

Investing in Alteril is not only a risk to your health and wellness, but to your wallet as well.