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Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses

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Avinol PM
avinol pm sleep aid
Avinol PM was the most effective sleep aid tested by the Product-Critic review panel. Avinol PM contains melatonin and 5-HTP for uninterrupted bed rest and improved sleep. Developed by Advanced Nutraceuticals, LLC, Avinol PM is available through a Free Trial promotion.
melatrol sleep
Melatrol Natural Sleep Aid is a mild sedative that targets occasional sleeplessness and nightly tossing and turning. This product contains valerian root, melatonin, and Relora, a dietary supplement intended for stress.
oxysleep sleeping pill
OxySleep Natural Sleep Aid is an herbal supplement product that contains melatonin. OxySleep works to reduce sleep onset latency, which is the length of time it takes to transition from full wakefulness to light sleep.
somnatrol sleep aid
Somnatrol is a sleep aid specifically designed to relieve insomnia. Somnatrol is developed by Sterling Grant Laboratories and contains vitamin B6, valerian root, tryptophan, melatonin, chamomile flower, and other natural ingredients.
alteril herbal sleep
Alteril is an herbal sleep supplement developed by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. This supplement contains L-tryptophan and melatonin but produces minimal sedative effects.
Dream Elements
Dream Elements
Are you having problems getting to sleep at night? Dream Elements Sleep Pillow Spray makes sure you're drifting off to dreamland in an environment that is ideally crafted for the best possible rest.
Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses
Are you having problems getting to sleep at night? Dream Elements anti blue light glasses help block excess blue light exposure so that your body can sleep better and feel more rested. They are also useful for preventing eye strain symptoms.

Blue light blocking glasses are one of the hot new accessories these days. But did you know that they aren't just about style? Anti blue light glasses have some serious applications that can be very good for your health. They can be used during the day or in the evening. If you have problems with eye strain, and especially if you have trouble winding down at night, you may need to get yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses to help fix these problems. Today, we are reviewing one of the most popular pairs out there: Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses.

What Makes these Blue Blocker Glasses Unique?

Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses

The Dream Elements anti blue light glasses aren't just any other pair of blue light blocker glasses. They edge out most of their competition due to a variety of different factors:

  • Stylish frames - Dream Elements anti blue light glasses come in a simple, yet elegant design which fits in nicely with nearly any and every fashionable look
  • Durability - unlike most fancy looking frames, however, these glasses are made of extremely sturdy materials and will last you a good, long time
  • High quality lenses - these thick, sturdy lenses also come with a UV 400 protection factor. That's some of the highest blue blocking technology that you can get for such an affordable price
  • Value - speaking of value, you'll be hard-pressed to find a pair of blue light blocking glasses with strong blocking power, sturdy construction, and a stylish frame for under $150; but you can get these glasses for a third of that price

Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses Review

For starters, we just want to say that blue light isn't necessarily a bad thing; but too much of it at the wrong time of day certainly can be. You see, for thousands of years, the human body has gotten used to being woken up when the sun rises. This is also the time when blue light is most prevalent - from the early morning throughout the day, and even into the early evening. But in the later evening hours when the sun starts to set, blue light exposure goes down. This is supposed to be the time when the human body produces melatonin, a potent sleep hormone, which primes our bodies for our nightly rest.

Lately, though, modern technology has thrown a wrench in this perfect system. Because we are often glued to our electronic devices 24/7, we are never not exposed to this blue light. This, in turn, prevents our bodies from producing the melatonin we need when we need it. Not only does this make it more difficult to feel sleepy and to fall asleep quickly at bedtime, but it can also mess with your sleep cycle and decrease your rest quality, no matter how many hours you manage to get.

For most people, turning off the TV or the computer or their smartphone is nearly impossible, no matter what time of day it is. But if you are one of these techno junkies, and you want to improve your nightly rest, then blue light blocking glasses are perfect for you. Just put them on a few hours before bedtime to limit your blue light exposure and reboot your body's nightly melatonin cycle. You can also use them during the day to prevent eye strain, or as a stylish replacement for your regular sunglasses.

Our Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses Evaluation

There are a lot of things about these glasses that we absolutely love. For starters, we really do appreciate the simplistic yet stylish look of the frames. It can be difficult to pick a style that pleases everyone, but we think that the design they went with is one of the best they could have picked. We're also amazed by the price. It's hard to find a decent pair of anti blue light glasses for under $75; but seeing as how these frames are more than decent yet priced at a fraction of that cost is pretty mind-blowing.

Furthermore, our testers experienced a lot of success both with using these glasses on their own, and combining them with other sleep aids to improve their overall sleep quality and quantity. Some of our testers even used them here at work and noted that it was much easier to focus on what they were doing instead of having to constantly look away and blink out the eye strain. Based on the value, versatility, and quality of these glasses, we can't help but give it a very firm recommendation to anyone reading this review.

Where to Buy Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses

We can only imagine that a big part of the reason these glasses are so affordable is because they're sold only online. You can't exactly walk into your local Sunglass Hut and request a pair (although we don't doubt that the clerk behind the counter will try to get you to buy something similar at three times the price). Cutting out the middleman buy selling directly to you is the best way to reduce production costs so that you can get the products you want at a price you deserve.

Can I Get Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses from the Amazon Marketplace?

Currently, yes, these glasses are available through the Amazon Marketplace. What's even better is that you can purchase them for less than $50, and they qualify for Amazon Prime free shipping, too! You could hardly ask for a better deal. Given how easy it is to evaluate products with Amazon and, in rare cases, return them if you aren't satisfied, we really appreciate that Dream Elements is selling their blue light glasses through this vendor. But none of the testers who used these glasses expressed any intention of returning their pair. Pretty much everybody wanted to keep them, and we can't blame them one bit. If you want to try out your own pair of Dream Elements anti blue light glasses today, you can find them here at Amazon.