Female Libido

Review - Sexual-Enhancement
FemElle focuses on increasing the sexual desire that a woman experiences and enhancing her ability to orgasm. With a combination of GABA and natural aphrodisiacs, FemElle's formula worked best for our testers.
Avlimil Complete is a gentle, non-prescription daily supplement designed to help restore a woman's estrogen balance. Designed more to bring hormones naturally into balance than for sexual enhancement, Avlimil didn't particularly increase libido in our testers.
Provestra is a natural, non-prescription daily supplement designed to correct imbalances that interfere with female libido.

Increase Sexual Pleasure with Herbal Supplements

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It's true - some women have better sex than others. If you're tired of reading about them and watching them on TV and you'd like to have some fun of your own, help could be as simple as taking an herbal supplement.

Most herbal supplements work by balancing hormone levels, which can be a culprit of low sexual desire. Others combine herbs that balance hormones with herbs that act as aphrodisiacs to greatly enhance sexual pleasure and desire. To see which combinations worked the best, we put the top brands to the test and were surprised to see that the results varied quite a bit.

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FemElle $29.95


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Avlimil $60.00


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Estravil $49.95


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