Zestra, Vigel, Orexia, Climatique, FemElle Comparison

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V Cream focuses on increasing the sexual desire that a woman experiences and enhancing her ability to orgasm. V Cream contains L-arginine and the formulation is gentle enough for nearly every women. Our testers unhesitatingly recommended V Cream.
Zestra arousal oil is easily applied to the clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening during foreplay. Unfortunately, the packaging hampered its utility in the bedroom. In addition, many women complained about the strong distinctive odor.
Vigel is meant for those women who experience a loss of sexual desire as well as those who wish to become multi-orgasmic. Its relatively mild formulation didn't work as well for our testers, but Vigel might be ideal if the top-rated product is tried and found to be too strong.
Orexia™ was scientifically formulated to immediately intensify the sensitivity of the clitoris to deliver explosive orgasms that provide maximum sexual fulfillment.
Climatique is a specially designed gel that was created for women who wish to experience, restore or enhance the pleasure & joy of great sex. However, our testers found that Climatique simply did not live up to their expectations.

Female Sexual Enhancement Creams/Gels

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Female sexual arousal and stimulation are, by definition, more complicated than the male version. Until recently, female sexual health was ignored. But now famine has turned to feast -- hundreds of female sex drive products have flooded the market, many making outrageous claims, including "Finally, female Viagra!"

Of course this is nonsense. But this pharmaceutical gold rush has created a number of products that can genuinely increase sexual intimacy for women. Our studies proved to our researchers and testers as well that creams and gels can produce heightened sexual response and more intense orgasms.

For these products, our research methodology was different. Each of our pool of 148 testers tried each product and were asked thus to evaluate them -- thus, we thought, offering a more realistic frame of reference and comparison.

Read more details of our discoveries below.

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V Cream

Rated: 84 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

V Cream is an example of the latest generation of female sexual enhancement creams and, according to our testers, out-performed a number of similar products.

The combination of L-Arginine and Wild Yam increase topical blood flow. V Cream also contains a small amount of menthol, which provides a tingling sensation (described as pleasant, unlike some of the other products which proved to be too strong and uncomfortable to our testers).

Testers reported more intense orgasms and more frequent orgasms. One tester colorfully said, "It was like f*cking in a disco -- it was unbelievable." Another tester said, "Knowing how much better my orgasms felt made me think about sex more often. My boyfriend absolutely loved it."

100% of our testers declared their intention to continue to use V Cream after the tests were over. Based on their reports, we give this product a must buy recommendation.


Zestra is an oil, unlike the other sexual enhancement products we tested. Zestra is also different in that it has received a relatively large amount of attention from the media and even from some pharmaceutical publications.

Zestra is made from pure botanical oils with no synthetic ingredients. Many of our testers said they liked this aspect of the product. Also, Zestra is recommended to be applied to clitoris and labia, rather than just to the clitoris.

Overall, reactions were positive. Testers reported an increase in the intensity and frequency of orgasms -- but not so dramatic a difference as some other products produced. For this reason, we give this product a tentative buy rating.


Vigel is a gel with active ingredients similar to V Cream. Vigel is applied to the clitoris.

Overall, testers reported an initial increase in intensity and frequency of orgasms. After sex, however, many testers reported that the previously-pleasant sensations began to feel "just too much." Seven testers reported that, after sex, they excused themselves to wash the Vigel off because it felt uncomfortable.

Additionally, the sensations produced by Vigel can last up to 2 hours, which was far too long for most testers.

If you like the sensation of V Cream but find that it is simply too mild for you, we recommend Vigel. Otherwise, we give this product a tentative buy rating.


The approach taken by the manufacturers of Orexia was different from the previous products. Orexia does not contain any herbal or botanical ingredients (with the exception of aloe vera). This approach puzzled us considering the effectiveness of the herbal products.

After using Orexia, our testers reported experiencing a pleasurable sensation. However, only 28% reported increased intensity of orgasms, and less than 10% reported increased frequency of orgasms. Similar to Climatique (below), the effects of Orexia did not last long enough for many testers, who in some cases interrupted sex to reapply the cream.

Due to the lack of increased orgasm frequency and intensity, we give this product a do not buy rating.


Climatique is the product that kicked off the tidal wave of women's sexual enhancement gels and creams. Climatique contains L-Arginine as an active ingredient, like most of the other products.

Our testers reported that this product worked reasonably well. 44% reported increased orgasm intensity and another 58% experienced increased orgasm frequency.

On the down side, 68% reported that the effects of Climatique did not last quite long enough. Several testers specifically stated they had to interrupt sex to re-apply the product to regain the pleasurable sensation.

Based on the limited duration of Climatique, this product received a do not buy rating.