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Review - Sexual-Enhancement
FemElle focuses on increasing the sexual desire that a woman experiences and enhancing her ability to orgasm. With a combination of GABA and natural aphrodisiacs, FemElle's formula worked best for our testers.
Avlimil Complete is a gentle, non-prescription daily supplement designed to help restore a woman's estrogen balance. Designed more to bring hormones naturally into balance than for sexual enhancement, Avlimil didn't particularly increase libido in our testers.
Provestra is a natural, non-prescription daily supplement designed to correct imbalances that interfere with female libido.

Female Libido and Sex Drive Enhancers

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The scientific community has all but ignored women's sexual needs. They have focused solely on a man's ability to improve his erection which is an important issue however; equally important is dealing with female sexual dysfunction. Many women suffer from poor sexual desire and libido and this can have dire effects on marriages and relationships.

However, there are a number of herbal supplements scientifically formulated to help a woman increase her sexual desire and pleasure. These formulas have the ability to change a woman's sex life significantly helping her to once again enjoy sexual intimacy and thus building stronger relationships. We reviewed the top formulas available today and performed trial studies to determine which (if any) were most effective.

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FemElle $39.95


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Avlimil $60.00


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Provestra $49.95


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Rated: 96 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Of the three products reviewed, FemElle had by far the best record of sex drive enhancement. 95% of our testers reported increased sex drive, ranging from "moderate" to "intense." Most were surprised by their libido increase. One tester reported, "It wasn't like I was thinking about having sex all the time, but when my husband kissed me I got ready in a hurry."

Additionally, testers reported an increased intensity of orgasms. Two women who had never before experienced multiple orgasms reported having multiple orgasms on several occasions.

We think that FemElle's formula works both on the inside and on the outside. The natural aphrodisiac ingredients, including yohimbe and Yin Yang Huo (both considered to be herbal sexual enhancers) affected the mood. In addition, the L-Dopa promotes physical arousal by increasing blood flow, especially to the genitals.

Of all the products reviewed, only FemElle had exactly the described effects. Many of our testers expressed their intention to continue taking FemElle even after the trial was over.

We are confident in giving Femelle our must buy recommendation.


Avlimil Complete is a non-prescription daily supplement designed to help restore the natural balance of estrogen in a woman's body. Because lack of estrogen is frequently related to decreased sexual desire in women, Avlimil's makers claim their product can provide sexual enhancement. For the most part, our testers did not agree.

Over 50% of each Avlimil capsule contains ingredients designed to balance estrogen levels. The remaining ingredients operate in various ways to enhance overall health and well-being.

Our testers generally reported a mild increase in sexual desire. In addition, our testers uniformly recommended that Avlimil be taken as a general wellness supplement rather than as a sexual enhancer. For this reason, Avlimil received a tentative buy recommendation.

Provestra (formerly Estravil)

Only one of the sexual enhancement formulas we tested had exactly the opposite of its advertised effect. Provestra, with its valerian root in addition to the mild sedative black cohosh, seemed to create a feeling of pleasant sleepiness.

Despite the claims made on the Provestra website, this product did not turn any of our testers into sex-crazed nymphomaniacs. Those testers who did have sex reported a mild increase in intensity of orgasm .

Because of the lack of advertised results, we give Provestra a do not buy recommendation.