NO-Xplode Vaso-Muscular Enlargement Supplement

Reviews of Nitric Oxide Muscle Building Products

Our Nitro XL testers reported fast muscle gains and improved strength and stamina. In short, they felt like they were getting more from their workouts, and many said they were able to push their bodies much further than they ever had before. Nearly every one of our testers said they planned on continuing to use Nitro XL in the future. This was the best product we tested, and we give it a MUST BUY rating.

XtremeNO proved to be a pretty effective muscle building supplement. Users said they felt like they were building muscle more quickly, and they had more stamina to extend their workouts and hit the gym more often. It was the second most effective product we tested, so we gave it a tentative buy rating.

Force Factor was an interesting product. Some users reported experiencing slight increases in strength, stamina, and energy, while others felt it wasn't working at all. In short, it was a mixed bag of results, making it clear that Force Factor is spotty at best. It's certainly not a bad product or the worst out there, but we can only give it a do not buy rating based on its inconsistent performance.

NO-Xplode simply didn't get the job done in our testing. The formula just didn't seem to have any effect on users, and it never really got any better. It was a disappointment because we had seen NO-Xplode around the web before and heard its bold claims, but from our analysis, this nitric oxide supplement is a dud. We give it a do not buy rating.

Despite this product's heavy advertising tactics and celebrity endorsement by Mike "The Situation", NoxEdge Pre-Workout Tablets simply fail to deliver. This product claims to dramatically boost your muscle pump and load capacity, but our consumer test panel begs to differ, with less then 10% having experienced any improvement to their muscle-building efforts. We strongly stand by our do not buy rating for NoxEdge.

NO-Xplode Nitric Oxide Supplement

Rated: 58 out of 100

When you read the claims behind NO-Xplode nitric oxide supplement, you can’t help but pause for a moment. This product claims to boast “new AVPT technology”, and it says it will amplify mental focus, performance, strength, and training intensity. NO-Xplode claims to give you more energy, more muscle-expanding pumps, and unparalleled strength and stamina.

For the person who’s looking to take his fitness to the next level, this all sounds good. But is it actually true? After all, we all know there are plenty of nitric oxide and muscle building supplements out there that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

So does NO-Xplode actually work? Or is it another overhyped nitric oxide supplement that fails to deliver results?

Read our NO-Xplode review to find out!

About NO-Xplode: Ingredients

NO-Xplode contains a proprietary blend of nutrients designed to increase nitric oxide delivery into the bloodstream. Key NO-Xplode ingredients include:

  • L-Arginine AKG
  • L-Citrulline Melate
  • L-Citrulline AKG
  • L-Histidine AKG
  • RC-NOS
  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dincleotide
  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

While this blend does contain some proven ingredients, it’s difficult to tell how much of each ingredient there is. There are also some filler, unproven ingredients in the NO-Xplode formula.

NO-Xplode Pros and Cons

To be truthful, there aren’t a whole lot of positives we can share with you about NO-Xplode. The product failed to perform up to par in our testing, and other anecdotal evidence suggests this product just doesn’t get the results it claims to produce.

As far as cons, there are certainly several side effects you should be aware of.  But perhaps the most widely reported (and most disturbing) side effect is that it causes serious gas buildup in people who take it. A lot of people just don’t react well to taking NO-Xplode, and needless to say, this side effect can lead to some embarrassing situations.

Some have also reported muscle cramping as one of the NO-Xplode side effects, and others have reported headaches, heavy breathing, and swelling of the lips and tongue.

NO-Xplode: Overall Rating

After closely analyzing the product and weighing the feedback we’ve received from real NO-Xplode users, we regretfully must give this nitric oxide supplement a do not buy rating. To put it as simply as possible, we just don’t believe NO-Xplode works the way it claims to. There is only a small, very small, minority that believes NO-Xplode has produced some results for them. Nearly everyone agrees that it doesn’t work and that it has a range of weird and sometimes dangerous side effects.

The good news is that not all nitric oxide supplements are as ineffective as NO-Xplode. We tested a number of other products, and we found some that get results.

Our top rated product is Nitro XL. Nitro XL contains a proven formula that gets the most effective results we’ve seen to date. We gave Nitro XL a must buy rating, so you know it’s good.

Learn more by reading our Nitro XL review today!

Our staff of experts have rated a number of products in this category and have listed their recommendations.

Price Overall Score Muscle Growth in Inches: Increased Muscle Pump? Improved Stamina? Rating
Nitro XL $94.95


10-15 Yes Yes Must Buy
NO-Xplode $89.96


3-5 No No Do Not Buy