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Reviews of Nitric Oxide Muscle Building Products

Our Nitro XL testers reported fast muscle gains and improved strength and stamina. In short, they felt like they were getting more from their workouts, and many said they were able to push their bodies much further than they ever had before. Nearly every one of our testers said they planned on continuing to use Nitro XL in the future. This was the best product we tested, and we give it a MUST BUY rating.

XtremeNO proved to be a pretty effective muscle building supplement. Users said they felt like they were building muscle more quickly, and they had more stamina to extend their workouts and hit the gym more often. It was the second most effective product we tested, so we gave it a tentative buy rating.

Force Factor was an interesting product. Some users reported experiencing slight increases in strength, stamina, and energy, while others felt it wasn't working at all. In short, it was a mixed bag of results, making it clear that Force Factor is spotty at best. It's certainly not a bad product or the worst out there, but we can only give it a do not buy rating based on its inconsistent performance.

NO-Xplode simply didn't get the job done in our testing. The formula just didn't seem to have any effect on users, and it never really got any better. It was a disappointment because we had seen NO-Xplode around the web before and heard its bold claims, but from our analysis, this nitric oxide supplement is a dud. We give it a do not buy rating.

Despite this product's heavy advertising tactics and celebrity endorsement by Mike "The Situation", NoxEdge Pre-Workout Tablets simply fail to deliver. This product claims to dramatically boost your muscle pump and load capacity, but our consumer test panel begs to differ, with less then 10% having experienced any improvement to their muscle-building efforts. We strongly stand by our do not buy rating for NoxEdge.

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After seeing that Force Factor was endorsed by a professional athlete and being sold at top health and fitness stores, we were admittedly excited to put this nitric oxide supplement to the test. According to the Force Factor website, this muscle building supplement helps to achieve stronger pumps and muscle fullness, better workouts, healthy nitric oxide levels, blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscle tissue, and more strength, endurance, and power.

But are these claims really true?

We set out to discover the truth. So, we got our expert panel and a test group of volunteers together, and we put Force Factor to the test.

Read on to find out how Force Factor performed.

About Force Factor: Ingredients

According to the product's marketing materials, the ingredients that make Force Factor so special are its "nitric oxide boosting Arginines." L-Arginine has certainly been shown to help increase nitric oxide levels in the body, and this ingredient can also help promote fast muscle growth, shorter recovery times, and a wide range of other health benefits.

The full list of Force Factor ingredients includes:

  • A-AKG
  • A-KIC
  • L-Arginine
  • Calcium phosphate
  • Dipotassium phosphate
  • L-Citrulline
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

The truth is that we weren't all that impressed with the Force Factor ingredients. It just seems like a bit of an off-balanced blend to us with some ingredients that just haven't proven to get results.

Force Factor Pros and Cons

How did Force Factor do in our tests? It was inconsistent at best. For some of our users, Force Factor did seem to help them slightly build their muscles and get more from their workouts. But in most other cases, our users felt that Force Factor wasn't yielding any tangible benefits for them. That's why most people said they wouldn't continue to use Force Factor after the test period was completed.

The other major blow to Force Factor is the number of complaints it has online from customers. Several people have said that Force Factor is a scam and that the company makes unauthorized charges to their credit cards when they signed up for the "free trial."

Force Factor: Overall Rating

Rated: 66 out of 100

Based on its inconsistent performance and the overwhelming number of dissatisfied customer reviews online, we had no other choice but to give Force Factor a do not buy rating. We highly recommend avoiding this product and saving your money for one that has proven to work and not be a scam.

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Price Overall Score Muscle Growth in Inches: Increased Muscle Pump? Improved Stamina? Rating
Nitro XL $94.95


10-15 Yes Yes Must Buy
Force Factor $85.00


4-9 No Yes Do Not Buy