Nitro XL, XtremeNO, Force Factor, NO-Xplode, NoxEdge

Reviews of Nitric Oxide Muscle Building Products

Our Nitro XL testers reported fast muscle gains and improved strength and stamina. In short, they felt like they were getting more from their workouts, and many said they were able to push their bodies much further than they ever had before. Nearly every one of our testers said they planned on continuing to use Nitro XL in the future. This was the best product we tested, and we give it a MUST BUY rating.

XtremeNO proved to be a pretty effective muscle building supplement. Users said they felt like they were building muscle more quickly, and they had more stamina to extend their workouts and hit the gym more often. It was the second most effective product we tested, so we gave it a tentative buy rating.

Force Factor was an interesting product. Some users reported experiencing slight increases in strength, stamina, and energy, while others felt it wasn't working at all. In short, it was a mixed bag of results, making it clear that Force Factor is spotty at best. It's certainly not a bad product or the worst out there, but we can only give it a do not buy rating based on its inconsistent performance.

NO-Xplode simply didn't get the job done in our testing. The formula just didn't seem to have any effect on users, and it never really got any better. It was a disappointment because we had seen NO-Xplode around the web before and heard its bold claims, but from our analysis, this nitric oxide supplement is a dud. We give it a do not buy rating.

Despite this product's heavy advertising tactics and celebrity endorsement by Mike "The Situation", NoxEdge Pre-Workout Tablets simply fail to deliver. This product claims to dramatically boost your muscle pump and load capacity, but our consumer test panel begs to differ, with less then 10% having experienced any improvement to their muscle-building efforts. We strongly stand by our do not buy rating for NoxEdge.

Compare Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide supplements have become very popular in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. More and more users are finding that nitric oxide is like fuel for their muscles, helping them get more from their workouts so they can bulk up faster and bigger than ever before.

Of course, there's no shortage of nitric oxide supplements on the market today, and each of them make the same bold claims. But how many of them actually work? And which nitric oxide supplement is the best? We decided it was time to find out for ourselves. So, we put together our research team, and started testing these products. We looked at Nitro XL, XtremeNO, Force Factor, and NO-Xplode.

We've rated each of these supplements on its quality, safety, success rate, customer satisfaction, price, and customer support offered by the company. Read on to discover which product stood head and shoulders above the rest and which failed to impress.

Our consumer survey panel tested the top 5 leading nitric oxide supplements currently on the market. Each product was reviewed based on improved muscle gains, endurance, muscle pump, and load capacity.

The results are as follows:

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A

Overall Score Complete Solution? Test Results Customer Service Recommendation
Brand Price      
Nitro XL $94.95




Must Buy
XtremeNO $89.00




Tentative Buy
Force Factor $85.00




Do Not Buy
NO-Xplode $89.96




Do Not Buy
NoxEdge $65.00




Do Not Buy

Nitro XL

Rated: 96 out of 100

Nitro XL stole the show in our tests. Our panel was genuinely impressed with just how effective this nitric oxide supplement is. It helped users build muscle fast, increase their stamina, and reduce recovery time after workouts.

We think Nitro XL is so effective because of its unique blend on ingredients. These ingredients promote nitric oxide production in the body, and they fuel the muscles to help them grow bigger, faster.

Many testers reported that they made gains in muscle mass that they had been trying for months to achieve. With Nitro XL, they were able to get the results they desired in a shorter time than they thought possible. They also said that they were able to recover quickly so they could get back to the gym faster and exercise more.

Almost every user in our group said they planned on continuing to use Nitro XL in the future.

For all of these reasons, we decided to give Nitro XL a MUST BUY rating.

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XtremeNO is a nitric oxide booster designed to help users build muscle fast. We had heard a lot of good things about this supplement, so we were eager to test it out. What did we find?

As it turns out, XtremeNO performed pretty well in our tests. A significant number of users said it aided with post-workout recovery and helped them put on muscle more quickly. They felt that XtremeNO certainly had some influence in making their workouts more effective.

However, XtremeNO wasn't the most effective product we tested, and for that reason, we give it a tentative buy rating.

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Force Factor

Force Factor was an interesting product to test out. When we looked at the product's formula, we were pretty excited. It looked like it had a good blend of ingredients that would get some results. Unfortunately, the results just didn't pan out the way we'd thought.

Sure, some users did feel that Force Factor helped them slightly with building muscle and increasing their stamina. But for the most part, we found that Force Factor was just inconsistent and performed only mildly at best.

There are also numerous complaints online from customers who say Force Factor is a scam and that the free trial is anything but free. For all these reasons, we give it a do not buy rating.

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NO-Xplode was the product of the group that really just failed to impress. It was simply a lackluster nitric oxide supplement. No one in the test group felt that the product got results, and this came as a disappointment, because we'd seen that this product was a supposed award-winning nitric oxide supplement. Based on our tests, that's just not the case. Because of its ineffectiveness, we had to give it a do not buy rating. Learn more.



This pre-workout tablet has been popularized across the internet by celebrity endorsements, such as Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. Unfortunately, NoxEdge just doesn't live up to all the hype. NoxEdge is an herbal creatine blend designed to naturally boost nitric oxide levels prior to beginning a workout. But the results of our consumer test panel were overwhelmingly negative. Fewer then 10% experienced any effect from this product, and of that 10%, only 4% were satisfied with their results. As such, NoxEdge received a solid do not buy rating. Learn more.