Ogoplex Review

Review - Increase Semen Volume Pills
Quantum Pills produced impressive "porn star" results among our testers. They had more sex and enjoyed sex more, due to increased semen volume, increased orgasm duration and intensity, and increased sex drive. Quantum Pills's impressive results won our highest recommendation - must buy.
Volume Pills produced similar results, though not as impressive as those seen by our testers who evaluated Quantum Pills. Additionally, some men experienced upset stomach from Volume Pills. This product received a tentative buy rating.
Ogoplex was responsible for small increases in the libido and sex drive of our subjects. Frankly the results simply weren't at the same level as we saw with the top-rated products. We feel it would be irresponsible to recommend a lackluster product and rated Ogoplex a do not buy.
Semenax was a rather hit-or-miss formulation. Nearly half our testers experienced no gains whatsoever in libido, semen volume or sexual performance. 55% had results similar to those observed with Volume Pills, the #2 product. Due to the inconsistent results, we rated Semenax do not buy.

Review of Ogoplex Volume Pills by Boland Naturals

Rated: 96 out of 100

Ogoplex has by far the most elaborate, and most expensive, packaging of all the products surveyed. On the other hand, details about the product, such as the ingredients in Ogoplex (something one would assume is relatively important), is not to be found on the Ogoplex website.

Despite this gross oversight, we included this product in our survey. We certainly wanted to include at least one supplement that contains the famed Swedish flower pollen which is thought to be the original ingredients in volume pills. We learned that this Swedish flower pollen, or at least Ogoplex, doesn't seem to work as well as newer formulas.

Read on for more details from our study.

Overall Score Avg volume increase Enhanced orgasms? Increased libido and desire? Recommendation
Quantum Pills $44.95


Must buy
Ogoplex $49.95


Do not buy

Ogoplex Review

Flower pollen extract blend is listed as a main Ogoplex ingredient, yet there is no information whatsoever about which flowers the pollen comes from. This is perfectly legal yet somehow seems dodgy. How can Ogoplex claim any connection with the original Swedish formula without actually listing their ingredients?

Overall, 80% of our volunteer men were generally pleased with the Ogoplex formula. They estimated a 30-50% increase in ejaculatory volume (not actually measured - we did not have the resources available to do this). There was a mild increase in sex drive and sexual interest, but, strangely, not a reported increase in orgasmic intensity.

Approximately 20% of our testers experienced no change whatsoever in their ejaculatory volume or sex drive. We are not certain why this is. Certain herbal formulations are extremely sensitive to body chemistry - perhaps Ogoplex is such a formula.

Considering the 20% failure rate and the lack of increase in orgasmic intensity, we rated Ogoplex a do not buy. There are several top rated products we consider to be more effective.

Ogoplex ingredients

The active ingredients in Ogoplex include the following: Vitamin A 1250 IU, Vitamin E 7.5 IU, the "Ogoplex proprietary flower pollen extract blend" and various fillers.