Quantum Pills Review

Review - Increase Semen Volume Pills
Quantum Pills produced impressive "porn star" results among our testers. They had more sex and enjoyed sex more, due to increased semen volume, increased orgasm duration and intensity, and increased sex drive. Quantum Pills's impressive results won our highest recommendation - must buy.
Volume Pills produced similar results, though not as impressive as those seen by our testers who evaluated Quantum Pills. Additionally, some men experienced upset stomach from Volume Pills. This product received a tentative buy rating.
Ogoplex was responsible for small increases in the libido and sex drive of our subjects. Frankly the results simply weren't at the same level as we saw with the top-rated products. We feel it would be irresponsible to recommend a lackluster product and rated Ogoplex a do not buy.
Semenax was a rather hit-or-miss formulation. Nearly half our testers experienced no gains whatsoever in libido, semen volume or sexual performance. 55% had results similar to those observed with Volume Pills, the #2 product. Due to the inconsistent results, we rated Semenax do not buy.

Review of Quantum Pills

Rated: 96 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Quantum Pills are interestingly named. We wonder if the developers of Quantum Pills realize that a quantum is a discrete, elemental unit of energy, and whether or not this information had any influence on the name of the product.

Our testers would agree, at least in the sense that Quantum refers to energy. On the whole, they experienced increases in orgasmic intensity, duration, and sex drive. What surprised both our testers and researchers is the increase in ejaculatory volume: our testers reported a tripling of ejaculatory volume. That's a 300% boost. According to some testers, this volume increase can be somewhat startling if unexpected.

Of all the different products we evaluated, Quantum Pills produced the most impressive male orgasm enhancing results for our testers.

NOTE: This chart compares Quantum Pills to the brand "Volume Pills," our second-place product.

Overall Score Avg volume increase Enhanced orgasms? Increased libido and desire? Recommendation
Quantum Pills $44.95


Must buy
Volume Pills $65.00


Tentative buy

Quantum Pills Review

Quantum Pills should be taken with a meal. Obviously, increased fluid intake is recommended as well to provide the body with sufficient raw material to boost ejaculatory volume.

These volume pills are best used as a recreational supplement to enhance male performance for better sex. Individual male orgasms are increased in both duration and intensity, which is due to the increase in semen production. It is possible that the ingredients in Quantum Pills also elevate testosterone for an added sex drive boost. Further research will be necessary to discover whether this is in fact true.

We strongly doubt that the increase in semen volume is related in any way to the production of sperm -- if so, then these volume pills would be marketed in a more mainstream fashion, considering society's obsession with fertility. It is of course possible that more sperm are produced as well, but we do not have the resources sufficient for this level of research.

Overall, due to the outstanding results experienced by our testers and their own claimed intentions to continue taking Quantum Pills, this product was issued a Must Buy recommendation. Quantum Pills are by far the most effective male climax enhancer we tested.

Quantum Pills User Reviews

Overall estimates included an overall doubling in length of orgasms with a related increase in orgasmic intensity. Much to our surprise, the product seemed to work for everyone who tried it.

"I really didn't expect this to work. Wow, was I wrong." AR, 38

"The difference Quantum Pills make in my orgasms is amazing. I wanted to have sex about five times more often. The best part was, I was able to be ready for another round of intercourse within about 5 minutes. I've always had trouble with that. Not anymore." CH, 25

"One word: impressive." PB, 31

Quantum Pills ingredients

L-Arginine, L-Lysine HCL, Maca root extract, Muira Puama, Swedish flower pollen extract, Horny goat weed extract (standardized to 10% icariin), Catauba Bark, Ginkgo biloba extract (standardized to 24% flavoneglycosides and 6% terpenelactones), Zinc oxide.