Extenze Male Enhancement Pills Review

Review - Penis Enlargement
Endowmax was the most effective penis enlargement pill of the group. Endowmax effectively increase penis length, girth and firmness. The testers that used Endowmax experienced and average of 28% increase in size translating into on average 2 inches in size. They also experienced a marked improvement in sexual performance. We gave Endowmax a must buy recommendation.
Xytomax penis enlargement pills
Xytomax increased the length and girth for most of our testers. Our testers reported harder, longer-lasting erections, giving them a boost in sexual performance. Users of Xytomax noted a marked increase in libido. We rated Xytomax a must buy.
Xanogen penis enlargement pills
Xanogen turned out to be a great sexual enhancer, producing excellent erections for almost all of our testers and their sexual appetite increased as a result. Xanogen's average 1 inch increase in size was not satisfactory to our testers, so we gave it a tentative buy.
natural gain plus penis enlargement
Natural Gain Plus was one of the more expensive products of the group but it did have some interesting properties. Our testers experienced about a 1/2 inch growth which was respectable but not the kind of significant growth most of our testers desired.
Vimax came in last because some of our testers did not achieve any sexual enhancement results or penis size increases. However, about 50% of the test group did achieve about a 1/2 inch growth in size. So apparently this formula was effective but it was hit or miss depending on the user.

Extenze Male Enhancement Review

Rated: 48 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Extenze is a male performance enhancement supplement marketed by e-Vita Labs. Extenze is a big seller online where it is marketed by an extensive advertising program.

Extenze is also very well-known because of an interestingly hilarious infomercial. Adult film actor and producer Ron Jeremy appears in the infomercial, touting the ability of Extenze to help men increase the size of "that certain part of the male anatomy." Perhaps the makers of the Extenze infomercial thought it unwise to refer to the penis using the appropriate medical term. This avoidance of the word "penis" may be related to a series of fines levied against Extenze's parent company over the past few years.

At any rate, the Extenze formula did not fare particularly well against the other products tested.

Read more details of our study below.

3 month supply price
Overall Score Avg penis size increase Enhanced desire? Increased sexual performance? Recommendation
Endowmax $154.95


2 inches
Must buy
Extenze $149.85


0.3 inch
Do not buy

Notes on Extenze:

One of the first things we noticed about the Extenze formulation is the following line from the Extenze website:

"It is recommended that ExtenZe become a part of your regular daily supplement routine to maintain the desired size and performance."

This implies that anyone who begins to use Extenze must continue to use it for the rest of his life -- or face the equally daunting prospect of witnessing the penis growth disappear. What man in his right mind would choose to take a product that offers him a choice between lifetime dependency or a shrinking penis? Were this in fact true, Extenze would be offering its customers a "lady and tiger"-type dilemma.

We did not feel comfortable offering Extenze to our volunteers without informing them of this possibility. Fortunately, a number of testers chose to participate nonetheless and we were able to properly evaluate Extenze.

Overall, our testers experienced an increase of 0.35 inches in penis length. This gain occurred so slowly that most of them simply didn't notice it was taking place until they were actually measured. Extenze thus didn't produce the same impressive levels of gains as the top-rated product, Endowmax, or even the second-rated product.

As an interesting note, Extenze seemed to have no effect whatsoever on sexual desire or appetite. This is unusual. The other male enhancement formulas we tested had aphrodisiac-like effects on our volunteers. Extenze simply did not. We can only speculate as to the reason behind this -- mostly having to do with the purity of the botanicals in the Extenze formula -- but unfortunately we cannot go beyond mere speculation.

Considering that Extenze produced a lower level of results than other products we tested, despite its equivalent price, we gave Extense a do not buy recommendation. There are superior products that are readily available.

Extenze Ingredients

The Extenze ingredient list is similar to other male enhancement products we evaluated. The ingredients are: L-Arginine, Ginseng-Eleuthero, Oat Straw, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus Terrestris, Sarsaparilla, Calcium, Yohimbe, Maca Extract, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Nettle, Astragalus, Cayenne, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Boron, and Zinc.