Vimax Male Enhancement Pills Review

Review - Penis Enlargement
Endowmax was the most effective penis enlargement pill of the group. Endowmax effectively increase penis length, girth and firmness. The testers that used Endowmax experienced and average of 28% increase in size translating into on average 2 inches in size. They also experienced a marked improvement in sexual performance. We gave Endowmax a must buy recommendation.
Xytomax penis enlargement pills
Xytomax increased the length and girth for most of our testers. Our testers reported harder, longer-lasting erections, giving them a boost in sexual performance. Users of Xytomax noted a marked increase in libido. We rated Xytomax a must buy.
Xanogen penis enlargement pills
Xanogen turned out to be a great sexual enhancer, producing excellent erections for almost all of our testers and their sexual appetite increased as a result. Xanogen's average 1 inch increase in size was not satisfactory to our testers, so we gave it a tentative buy.
natural gain plus penis enlargement
Natural Gain Plus was one of the more expensive products of the group but it did have some interesting properties. Our testers experienced about a 1/2 inch growth which was respectable but not the kind of significant growth most of our testers desired.
Vimax came in last because some of our testers did not achieve any sexual enhancement results or penis size increases. However, about 50% of the test group did achieve about a 1/2 inch growth in size. So apparently this formula was effective but it was hit or miss depending on the user.

Vimax Male Enhancement Review

Rated: 48 out of 100

Vimax natural male enhancement is delivered in a capsule form, like the other products tested. The formula is somewhat similar to the other products tested.

The Vimax website promises gains in penis size ranging from 3-4 inches in length and up to 25% increase in girth (various affiliate sites claim that you can achieve 9+inch penis using Vimax!). Our tests did not reflect this claim.

In fact, approximately half of our testers had no response whatsoever to the Vimax formula. The other half experienced an average increase of 1/2 inch in size and a mild increase in sexual desire.

Read more details of our study below.

3 month supply price
Overall Score Avg penis size increase Enhanced desire? Increased sexual performance? Recommendation
Endowmax $154.95


2 inches
Must buy
Vimax $154.95


1/2 inch
red x
Do not buy


Our staff speculates that the Vimax formula might not be effective on man depending on personal body chemistry. Others speculate that poor quality control has resulted in a product of marginal effectiveness in some batches, and effectiveness in others. This is a fairly common situation in supplements that use different batches or lots of ingredients, or that have less than adequate quality control.

It should be noted that Vimax is heavily marketed online by an affiliate program that uses extremely aggressive tactics, including misinformation, to market its product. We strongly discourage our visitors to carefully read any claims made about Vimax on any website with the proverbial grain of salt.

Based on this poor track record, we give Vimax a do not buy recommendation.

Vimax Ingredients

The primary active ingredients in Vimax are: ginseng, cayenne fruit, horny goat weed, saw palmetto and ginkgo biloba.