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HGH Factor testers reported more energy and mental focus, sounder sleep, and an overall feeling of wellness and youthfulness. Some noticed a decrease in the number of wrinkles on their faces, and overall smoother, tighter skin (perhaps due to shed body fat?). 90% of our testers said they intended to continue using HGH Factor after the end of the trial. HGH Factor was the best formula we tested and we give it a MUST BUY rating.

The Growth Factor was the second most effective formulation we tested and also received a Must Buy rating. Whether you're a professional athlete looking to improve your workouts or just somebody looking to turn back the clock on Mother Nature, Growth Factor can give you the results you're looking for! The manufacturers of Growth Factor have free packages available with select offers.

The Utropin HGH formula proved to be effective. Our testers reported increases in energy and mental acuteness, sounder sleep, and a general feeling of well-being. Utropin HGH was the third most effective formulation we tested and therefore received a tentative buy rating - we recommend (with some reservations) this product if you cannot locate the top-rated product.

With Genf20 HGH, our testers reported a slight increase in energy and mental acuteness. When asked if they felt younger, generally testers said no, but said instead they felt better. Testers also reported sounder sleep. We gave Genf20 HGH a tentative buy rating based on its limited effectiveness.

The Sytropin HGH formula seemed to have absolutely no effect whatsoever on our testers. We're not certain as to the cause - Sytropin HGH has a similar formula to the other HGH sprays we tested. Perhaps the delivery system is flawed. Based on this information, Sytropin received a do not buy recommendation.

Like Sytropin, the Liddell Laboratories Vital HGH formula seemed to have absolutely no effect on most of our testers but about 20% reported mild increases in energy, mental acuteness, and well-being. We aren't certain whether this is due to the Liddell Vital HGH formulation working for some people but not for others, or problems with quality control at the manufacturing level, or perhaps a placebo effect. At any rate, Liddell Vital HGH received a do not buy recommendation.

Rated: 97 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

A potent HGH releaser supplement, HGH Factor works by coercing your body into naturally producing more of its own HGH. When HGH levels increase, many signs of aging are reversed, allowing you to look and feel many years younger.

Now, we've reviewed many similar products, but HGH Factor was among the most effective of them all. Those who take HGH Factor have reported losing more weight, adding more muscle, improving their brain function, and feeling younger and more energetic.

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HGH Factor HGH Ingredients

So, just what is it about HGH Factor that makes it so effective? It's all about the ingredients. This HGH releaser uses proven ingredients to help your body start producing more HGH quickly. As HGH levels increase, you begin to start enjoying a wide range of health benefits.

The key HGH Factor ingredients include:

  • Astragalus - Astragalus root is used in traditional Chinese medicine because of its positive effects on a number of organs. It increases the body’s resistance to stress and illnesses, stimulates the immune system, boosts energy and fights aging.

  • Panax Notoginseng - This root has properties that are beneficial to the blood and stimulate circulation. It also increases the effectiveness of amino acids in generating HGH production, and improves physical endurance.

  • L-Arginine - L-Arginine is an amino acid that is vital for the production of protein and increases HGH production. It is the building block of muscle growth and also boosts muscle repair while cutting down on recovery time between workouts.

  • L-Ornithine - This amino acid is one of the most potent stimulators of HGH production and has been shown to help regenerate heart and liver tissue, increase muscle growth and improve immune system function through stimulating the thymus gland.

  • L-Glutamine - L-Glutamine preserves lean muscle mass during workouts and prevents future stress on the muscles. L-Glutamine allows you to work out more often because it helps muscles heal more quickly by repairing damaged tissue.

  • L-Glycine - L-Glycine not only improves strength, muscle growth and energy, but also promotes a healthy digestive system and properly functioning central nervous system.

  • L-Isoleucine - L-Isoleucine helps cut down on fatigue by decreasing the body’s serotonin production during workouts, which allows you to work out longer. Muscle repair is also accelerated thanks to this amino acid so you can work out more often.

  • L-Lysine - L-Lysine plays an important role in calcium absorption and collagen formation, which is a key component in bone and muscle growth. It also boosts the body’s ability to burn fat for energy and produce proteins like enzymes, antibodies and hormones.

  • L-Valine - L-Valine is necessary for a healthy metabolism and muscle growth. It protects against lean muscle loss when muscles are damaged during workouts and encourages muscle repair. In addition, it enhances the body’s immune system and promotes nitrogen level balance.

HGH Factor ingredients have been proven to yield numerous benefits. That's why this HGH releaser is a top performing product.

HGH Factor HGH Review

HGH Factor was a leading performer in the products we tested. The reason for its success is because it uses safe, proven ingredients to increase your HGH levels. Reported benefits include:

  • More energy
  • Quick fat burning
  • Mental clarity
  • More muscle
  • Younger, healthier feeling

For best results, you should:

  • Eat right
  • Exercise regularly (about 2-3 times per week)
  • Take HGH Factor as directed

After closely studying the product's ingredients, consumer reviews, and other pertinent information, we've rated HGH Factor a must buy. HGH Factor offers a free trial to anyone interested in trying the product, meaning you have nothing to lose. Just try HGH Factor for yourself, and if for some reason you aren't satisfied, return it buy the deadline. That's all there is to it.

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HGH Factor Free Trial




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Growth Factor Free Trial




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Utropin $59.95




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GenF20 $59.95




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Sytropin $59.95




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Liddell Vital HGH $69.00




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