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HGH Factor testers reported more energy and mental focus, sounder sleep, and an overall feeling of wellness and youthfulness. Some noticed a decrease in the number of wrinkles on their faces, and overall smoother, tighter skin (perhaps due to shed body fat?). 90% of our testers said they intended to continue using HGH Factor after the end of the trial. HGH Factor was the best formula we tested and we give it a MUST BUY rating.

The Growth Factor was the second most effective formulation we tested and also received a Must Buy rating. Whether you're a professional athlete looking to improve your workouts or just somebody looking to turn back the clock on Mother Nature, Growth Factor can give you the results you're looking for! The manufacturers of Growth Factor have free packages available with select offers.

The Utropin HGH formula proved to be effective. Our testers reported increases in energy and mental acuteness, sounder sleep, and a general feeling of well-being. Utropin HGH was the third most effective formulation we tested and therefore received a tentative buy rating - we recommend (with some reservations) this product if you cannot locate the top-rated product.

With Genf20 HGH, our testers reported a slight increase in energy and mental acuteness. When asked if they felt younger, generally testers said no, but said instead they felt better. Testers also reported sounder sleep. We gave Genf20 HGH a tentative buy rating based on its limited effectiveness.

The Sytropin HGH formula seemed to have absolutely no effect whatsoever on our testers. We're not certain as to the cause - Sytropin HGH has a similar formula to the other HGH sprays we tested. Perhaps the delivery system is flawed. Based on this information, Sytropin received a do not buy recommendation.

Like Sytropin, the Liddell Laboratories Vital HGH formula seemed to have absolutely no effect on most of our testers but about 20% reported mild increases in energy, mental acuteness, and well-being. We aren't certain whether this is due to the Liddell Vital HGH formulation working for some people but not for others, or problems with quality control at the manufacturing level, or perhaps a placebo effect. At any rate, Liddell Vital HGH received a do not buy recommendation.

Compare HGH Supplements

Recently, more and more studies have touted the effectiveness of HGH supplements and HGH sprays. These HGH products are said to be able to "turn back the clock," to restore youthfulness and vitality. With each medical report discussing HGH, it seems that four or five HGH supplements hit the marketplace, each promising to be the authentic fountain of youth.

But where does marketing end and reality begin? We decided to find out. We chose 400 volunteers with a median age of 65 to test five HGH supplements: HGH Factor, Genf20, Liddell Vital HGH, Sytropin, Ultimate HGH, and Utropin. Testers continued using the product as directed for 3 months.

During this process as well as afterwards, our volunteer testers were interviewed by our staff to evaluate the effects (if any) of the HGH formula. We received exceptional results from one product, reasonable results from a second, and generally negative results from the rest.

Our staff of experts have rated a number of products in this category and have listed their recommendations.

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HGH Factor Free Trial




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Growth Factor Free Trial




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Utropin $59.95




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GenF20 $59.95




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Sytropin $59.95




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HGH Factor

Rated: 96 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Our staff was genuinely impressed by the reports our testers made regarding HGH Factor. In the first month of supplementation they uniformly reported more energy, more mental focus, and better sleep. In the second month, they felt stronger – though whether this was due to increases in energy, or muscle mass, or both, we are not certain.

Some testers told us they felt much more athletic. Not only more energetic, but more flexible and stronger. Several volunteers began exercise programs after the study began. One tester told us, "I had all this extra energy. I had to do something with it, so I started jogging. I've never exercised before in my life but now I can't imagine stopping." Others reported waking up in the morning and feeling sharp and energetic rather than sluggish.

Overall, testers reported feeling 10-20 years younger. This is a very subjective view and difficult to quantify. And, of course, no supplement, no matter how powerful, can actually reverse age. Nonetheless, aging is a partially psychological process and HGH Factor certainly made our testers feel younger.

For all these reasons, HGH Factor received a must buy rating. Learn more.

Growth Factor

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has recently linked to a more youthful appearance, higher energy levels, and enhanced athletic ability. Growth Factor is a powerful natural supplement designed to stimulate HGH production naturally within the human body. Whether you're a professional athlete looking to improve your workouts or just somebody looking to turn back the clock on Mother Nature, Growth Factor can give you the results you're looking for! The manufacturers of Growth Factor are now offering a free trial for first-time customers.

For these reasons, we gave Growth Factor a must buy rating. Learn more.

Utropin HGH

One other HGH supplement we tested affected our test group in a positive fashion. Utropin HGH produced effects similar to the top-rated product but without quite the same increase in energy levels or feelings of youthfulness.

Our volunteers who tested Utropin Vital reported feeling, on average, five to seven years younger. This was primarily due to increased energy levels and a mild rise in mental sharpness. Many reported they got out of bed faster in the morning, due to sounder sleep and more energy in the morning.

For all these reasons, Utropin Vital HGH earned a tentative buy rating. This is the product we recommend if the top-rated product is not available. Learn more.

Genf20 HGH

This product produced similar results to HGH Factor, but the effects of Genf20 HGH were overall much milder. Staff speculates that the Genf20 HGH formula delivers a lower dose of active ingredients, and therefore has a correspondingly diminished impact on our testers.

Overall, testers reported a mild increase in energy and in mental acuity. None reported surprising leaps in either. The Genf20 HGH supplement did not seem to increase muscle mass or tone the skin. Testers reported sounder sleep as well.

The effects of Genf20 HGH did not produce the same feelings of youthfulness among our testers. When asked whether they felt younger, they said no – but they did feel better. This generalized feeling of wellbeing earned Genf20 HGH a tentative buy rating. Learn more.


Sytropin HGH supplement seemed to produce absolutely no change whatsoever in our testers. The reported no change in energy levels, mental acuity, sleeping habits, or feelings of youthfulness. The difference between volunteers on Sytropin and those testing the top-rated product were so profound that the Sytropin group began to suspect they were in fact testing a placebo.

For this lack of effects, Sytropin received a do not buy rating. Learn more.

Liddell Vital HGH

Tester reports on this product fell into one of two camps. 80% of volunteers reported no change whatsoever, and the other 20% reported mild increases in energy, alertness, and general well-being.

Some pharmaceutical and herbal formulations depend on sympathetic body chemistry to work. Just as some people are allergic to some drugs and resistant to others, herbal formulations sometimes have varied effectiveness depending on a person's unique chemical make-up. Possibly, the Vital HGH formula is extremely sensitive to body chemistry. Alternately, the cause could be poor quality control in the production facility.

Regardless, because it had only mild effects on 1/5 of our testers, Liddell Laboratories Vital HGH received a do not buy recommendation. Learn more.