Low Sperm Count

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Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count is frequently linked to lack of male fertility. This is an increasingly serious issue in modern times. Fertility clinics around the nation are becoming busier and busier as frustrated couples who are unable to conceive seek the help of doctors. All too often, a man's low sperm count is a big part of the male fertility issue.

Correcting Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count, lack of sperm motility and lack of semen are all related to the reduction of male fertility. Fortunately, the leading volume pills-type products provide the body with the nutrition it needs to correct low sperm count by stimulating healthy sperm and semen production.

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Causes of Low Sperm Count

So how do you get a low sperm count? The causes of low sperm count include:

Exposure to female hormones

Exposure to female hormones, specifically estrogen, has a negative impact on male hormones and can cause low sperm count. Generally speaking, most men are not exposed to this type of chemical, unless their female partner is using an estrogen cream. Some men work with phytochemical compounds which can have an estrogen-like effect, resulting in a low sperm count.

Age and sperm count

As a man ages, his sperm count gradually diminishes. According to one widely-cited study, male fertility is halved over the age of 39. This may or may not be related to low sperm count.

Smoking and substance abuse

Smoking cigarettes reduces the lifetime and motility of sperm and leads to low sperm count. Interestingly enough, smoking cigarettes also reduces the size of a man's erection.

The use of some illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine has been linked to reduced and low sperm count. Alcohol abuse can have a negative impact on male fertility as well.

Nutrition and low sperm count

A lack of the required nutrients can prevent the body from manufacturing sperm and semen, leading to a low sperm count. The right type of volume pills provides these necessary compounds, enabling the body to manufacture all the necessary structures for sperm production.

Low Sperm Count: Final Word

Low sperm count is a condition that can be caused by many factors, both personal and environmental. Sometimes, when men have a low sperm count, they take it personally - as though it is a reflection on their own masculinity. This simply is not the case. Low sperm count can be caused by many factors and is no different from having a cold -- although, fortunately, correcting low sperm count is easier to remedy than the common cold.