Indian God Lotion Premature Ejaculation Review

Review - Premature Ejaculation
Climaxagen helped to prevent premature ejaculation and helped testers last longer in bed without completely eliminating sensation. Climaxagen did not negatively affect partners. Climaxagen worked fast. A possible drawback is that it is slightly more expensive than lesser rated products. However, you do get what you pay for.
Vivaxa Male Delay/Stamina Lotion claims to be odorless and tasteless, and some of our testers were put off by the menthol smell and taste.
Stud 100 contains a powerful topical anesthetic that works quickly. Unfortunately, Stud 100 eliminates all sensation and made sex impossible for some of our testers, and unenjoyable for many others. We do not recommend Stud 100 unless you are seeking a less satisfying sexual experience.
Indian God Lotion requires at least 1 hours' worth of planning before having sex - something many men are simply unable or unwilling to do. While it did help men last longer, it did not have the same level of results as the top-rated product. This product is not recommended.

Indian God Lotion Premature Ejaculation Review

Rated: 61 out of 100

The name Indian God Lotion evokes thoughts of power and god-like dominance. Not only did our group of experts test this product- the panel at Maxim magazine did as well.

If you are hoping to be a god in the bedroom by using this product, you might be disappointed. Our testers experienced no significant benefits from using Indian God Lotion for premature ejaculation treatment. Furthermore, they found administering the lotion to be a nuisance. The product has to be sprayed on twice before sex, an hour before and a half hour prior to intercourse.

Of the products we tested, Indian God Lotion ranked 3rd most effective. However, the product scores far lower than the two items ahead of it.  

Our staff of experts have rated a number of products in this category and have listed their recommendations.

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A

Overall Score Success Percentage Test Results Customer Service Recommendation
Brand Price (1-month supply)      
Climaxagen $44.95


Must buy
Vivaxa $49.99


Tentative buy
Stud 100 $9.95


Very good Very good Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Poor
Do not buy
Indian God Lotion $9.95


Very good Very good Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Poor
Do not buy

Indian God Lotion Review

A common complaint about Indian God Lotion was the method of administering it. Testers felt the product eliminated the possibility of any spontaneous intercourse. In short, it makes sex an act that has to be carefully planned out to ensure decent results. This takes the pleasure out sex, making it too clinical.

Overall estimates found Indian God lotion worked about 61% of the time. And this was only when the product was administered according to its rigorous guidelines. The success rate coupled with the dosing instructions led to a customer satisfaction rating of 0.

Taking into account the difficulties surrounding the use of this product, it doesn’t seem to be suited for any individual. Perhaps, if you’re someone who likes to schedule everything, including sex, you might find this product helpful. However, its hit or miss success rate means you cant be guaranteed of anything.

Indian God Lotion Ingredients

Indian god Lotion is comprised of just a few basic ingredients- radic asari, isopropyl alcohol, water, and perfume. This premature ejaculation treatment desensitizes the penis in hopes that it will be able to engage in sexual activity for longer periods of time.

Indian God Lotion: Final Word

Based on the complicated application instructions and the overall dissatisfaction with this product, we have deemed it do not buy. Even though it costs only $9.95 for a 3 month supply, this lotion trails far behind our top rated product for premature ejaculation treatment. 

Note: We have learned that Indian God Lotion is now out of business and suggest you read about Climaxagen.