Vicerex Male Enhancement Pills Review

Review - Penis Enlargement
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Natural Gain Plus was one of the more expensive products of the group but it did have some interesting properties. Our testers experienced about a 1/2 inch growth which was respectable but not the kind of significant growth most of our testers desired.
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Vicerex Male Enhancement Review

Rated: 98 out of 100

Vicerex has been widely touted as a near-instantaneous male performance enhancement supplement. The makers of Vicerex advertise not only that Vicerex will give users a "fast, instant erection," but that Vicerex is even safe to use with alcohol. These claims intrigued us and therefore our staff acquired several packs of Vicerex for evaluation.Vicerex reviews

Vicerex is not noticeably different from other male enhancement products we have reviewed. In fact, the only difference between Vicerex and other products that make more conservative claims is packaging.

So, did Vicerex provide fast and instant erections to our testers? Unfortunately, not only did Vicerex fail to perform as advertised, we think it is unhealthful to combine Vicerex with alcohol, as the makers imply.

Furthermore, Vicerex results from a single dose don't last 4 days as the makers claim.

Read more details of our study below.

3 month supply price
Overall Score Avg penis size increase Enhanced desire? Increased sexual performance? Recommendation
Endowmax $154.95


2 inches
Must buy
Vicerex $119.70


1/4 inch
Do not buy

Vicerex Notes and Vicerex Reviews

Our interest in Vicerex initially stemmed from the marketing claims that Vicerex was safe and effective "even when combined with alcohol." Alcohol is an integral part of the social and dating environment, and, as we all know, excessive alcohol consumption can render even the most virile man temporarily impotent.

If the makers of Vicerex had really discovered a combination of ingredients that counteracted the effects of alcohol consumption on a man's sexual performance, it would be a truly interesting discovery.

One issue arises immediately: if Vicerex is really safe and effective to use with alcohol, it must have some mechanism in place for insuring that the body, specifically the liver, did not suffer from the combination of Vicerex and alcohol in the bloodstream. Generally speaking, combining herbal supplements with alcohol is a very bad idea. When the liver is already dealing with blood alcohol, adding the additional burden of herbs in the body could lead to liver damage.

Vicerex does not in fact have any special mechanism to avoid potential liver damage. Due to this, and the failure of Vicerex to work quickly as promised, Vicerex received a do not buy recommendation.

Vicerex Active Ingredients

The Vicerex ingredients did not vary significantly from the other male enhancement products reviewed on this website. We were intrigued by the possibility that perhaps the makers of Vicerex had discovered an interesting new delivery system to get the active ingredients into the bloodstream more quickly than the standard digestive tract route. This did not prove to be the case however. The active ingredients in Vicerex did not enter the bloodstream any faster than other supplements.

Some of our testers went so far as to specifically combine Vicerex with alcohol thinking that perhaps the instant delivery system was somehow dependent on alcohol in the stomach or bloodstream. Combining Vicerex with alcohol did not create a noticeable improvement in effectiveness.

As was mentioned before, Vicerex ingredients did not noticeably vary from those used in other products reviewed on this website. The active ingredients in Vicerex include:

  • Tongkat ali
  • Epimedium sagittatum
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Maca
  • Ginkgo biloba