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Review - Penis Enlargement
Endowmax was the most effective penis enlargement pill of the group. Endowmax effectively increase penis length, girth and firmness. The testers that used Endowmax experienced and average of 28% increase in size translating into on average 2 inches in size. They also experienced a marked improvement in sexual performance. We gave Endowmax a must buy recommendation.
Xytomax penis enlargement pills
Xytomax increased the length and girth for most of our testers. Our testers reported harder, longer-lasting erections, giving them a boost in sexual performance. Users of Xytomax noted a marked increase in libido. We rated Xytomax a must buy.
Xanogen penis enlargement pills
Xanogen turned out to be a great sexual enhancer, producing excellent erections for almost all of our testers and their sexual appetite increased as a result. Xanogen's average 1 inch increase in size was not satisfactory to our testers, so we gave it a tentative buy.
natural gain plus penis enlargement
Natural Gain Plus was one of the more expensive products of the group but it did have some interesting properties. Our testers experienced about a 1/2 inch growth which was respectable but not the kind of significant growth most of our testers desired.
Vimax came in last because some of our testers did not achieve any sexual enhancement results or penis size increases. However, about 50% of the test group did achieve about a 1/2 inch growth in size. So apparently this formula was effective but it was hit or miss depending on the user.

Pro Solution Male Enhancement Review

Rated: 91 out of 100

Pro Solution pills for natural male enhancement are a blend of L-arginine, zinc gluconate and herbal compounds delivered in a capsule. The Pro Solution website has a variety of claims, including:

• Have helped over 8,000 men
• Are the #1 penis enlargement system on the Internet
• "Doctor approved" ingredients

And, quoting directly from the site:

• Permanent penis enlargement - 1-3 inches in length & girth.
• End to premature ejaculation - stay hard for as long as you want.
• Increased semen production - a larger load every time you ejaculate.
• Intensified orgasms - for you and become the lover she wants.
• Improved confidence - less embarrassment, enjoy better sex.
• Satisfy your lover - fully pleasure her EVERY time you have sex.

Ingredients in Pro Solution Pills

Tu su zi (Semen Cuscutae, or Dodder Seed)
Gingko (Folium Ginkgolides)
Yin yang huo (Herba Epimedii)
Hawthorn (Fructus Crataegi)
Korean Red Ginseng (Radix Ginseng)
Catuaba (Erythroxylum Catuaba)
Muira Puama (Liriosma ovata)
Zinc Gluconate

Pro Solution Penis Enlargement Claims

1. Pro Solution pills have helped over 8,000 men
There is no way to determine whether this statement is true or false. Consider, though, how many men has Pfizer's Viagra® helped? And, if (for example) 50,000 men have tried Pro Solution and only 8,000 have been helped, this isn't a very good track record.

2. Pro Solution pills are #1 on the Internet
The websites who choose Pro Solution as their #1 penis enlargement system all seem to be promoting and selling the product.

3. "Doctor approved" ingredients
Which doctors have approved what ingredients? We suspect this is another way of saying that all ingredients in Pro Solution are FDA-approved.

4. Permanent penis enlargement
According to our tests, Pro Solution gave our testers an average size increase of 1 inch (length + girth).

5. An end to premature ejaculation
Yet another claim to be taken with a grain of salt. Premature ejaculation is a mental condition rather than a physical one. Any claims to correct premature ejaculation are related to a man's level of confidence and arousal – which may well be affected by any penis enlargement pill, not just Pro Solution.

6. Increased semen production
Two of the herbal products in Pro Solution are related to the increase in semen volume. Our testers reported an overall increase in volume of ejaculations, but this was not measured. Some men find that increased semen volume leads to longer, more pleasurable orgasms.

7. Intensified orgasms
Our testers reported an increase in sexual desire, which led to intensified orgasms.

8. Improved confidence
Any penis enlargement pill can provide improved confidence, as this is completely psychological. None of Pro Solution's ingredients or the overall formulation contributes to improved confidence.

9. Satisfy your lover
Again, this claim is very difficult to support or deny. The simple fact that a man's partner is on the receiving end of his improved confidence and intensified orgasms is enough to insure that his lover will enjoy sex more than before.

Pro Solution Penis Enlargement: Final Word

Upon consideration, we believe these claims should be presented in reversed order. With Pro Solution pills, the increase in sexual satisfaction and confidence is far more important to sex than the minimal increase in penis size or other of the unsupported claims the Pro Solution marketers make. For penis enlargement, we recommend the top-rated product.

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