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Endowmax was the most effective penis enlargement pill of the group. Endowmax effectively increase penis length, girth and firmness. The testers that used Endowmax experienced and average of 28% increase in size translating into on average 2 inches in size. They also experienced a marked improvement in sexual performance. We gave Endowmax a must buy recommendation.
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Xytomax increased the length and girth for most of our testers. Our testers reported harder, longer-lasting erections, giving them a boost in sexual performance. Users of Xytomax noted a marked increase in libido. We rated Xytomax a must buy.
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Xanogen turned out to be a great sexual enhancer, producing excellent erections for almost all of our testers and their sexual appetite increased as a result. Xanogen's average 1 inch increase in size was not satisfactory to our testers, so we gave it a tentative buy.
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Natural Gain Plus was one of the more expensive products of the group but it did have some interesting properties. Our testers experienced about a 1/2 inch growth which was respectable but not the kind of significant growth most of our testers desired.
Vimax came in last because some of our testers did not achieve any sexual enhancement results or penis size increases. However, about 50% of the test group did achieve about a 1/2 inch growth in size. So apparently this formula was effective but it was hit or miss depending on the user.

Here's the truth you need to know about

Rated: 72 out of 100

If you're having erectile dysfunction problems, it can be very embarrassing to try and get help for them. First, you have to have a very embarrassing conversation with your doctor. Then you're going to have to pick up a prescription from your pharmacy which may include yet another embarrassing conversation with your pharmacist. On top of all that, there's the risk that people around you will see the medication you're picking up and silently judge you. It's bad enough you're having problems with your equipment - but do you really want the whole world knowing about it? offers an alternative. They claim they can get you the medication you need for your erectile dysfunction (and other maladies) quickly, privately, and legitimately. But how legitimate are these claims? It's time to take a deep dive and find out the truth behind

GetRoman Review

What Is was founded in late 2017 by three young millennials - Zach, Saman, and Rob - who are on a mission to help men get prescription medications for their male sexual health problems discreetly via the internet. For a $15 sign up fee, you can fill out a medical health history questionnaire and be connected with a licensed doctor. You and that doctor will then talk about your sexual health problems and, if that doctor feels it's necessary, you will get a prescription for a drug that your telehealth doctor thinks can help you. You will pay for that prescription up front, and it will be shipped to you discreetly in the mail. GetRoman is also quick to caution its customers that the telehealth professional who was helping them get their ed drugs is not a replacement for their primary care physician.

The main selling point is, obviously, Erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra or Cialis. But can connect you with a licensed medical professional who can write you prescriptions for all sorts of medications, including those which are meant to treat:

  • Hair loss
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Cold sores
  • Genital herpes
  • Smoking cessation
  • Enlarged prostate

One of the three musketeers who founded the company got the idea for it based on his own personal life experience. He started experiencing erectile dysfunction at the tender age of 17. He felt comfortable discussing it with his father not just because he was his trusted parent but also because he was a doctor. Together, they figured out that his ED problems were due to an undiagnosed heart condition which could have gone untreated for years if the young man had been too embarrassed to talk about it with his regular doctor. is the direct result of his crusade for male sexual health.

Are There Any Upsides to Using

The people behind are straight shooters with a quirky sense of humor. If you go online and see any of their videos on youtube, you may be surprised by how they approach the topic of male sexual dysfunction with a refreshingly honest approach that has a dash of comedy sprinkled on top. This is well outside the box compared to traditional marketing for male enhancement drugs, whether prescription or natural.

Some of the other obvious upsides are:

  • A $15, easily refundable sign-up fee
  • Discreet shipping and packaging
  • Relative anonymity

So, just to recap: if you're concerned about your male sexual health but you're too embarrassed to talk to your doctor, you can pay $15 for an appointment with a doctor online who is licensed in your state and who may or may not write you a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs. If the doctor doesn't feel you need a prescription medication, your $15 fee will be refunded to you. If you are prescribed a medication, you can order it right away and have it shipped to you in discreet packaging. Sounds too good to be true, right?

The Downsides of

Here's where the other shoe drops. For starters, you're not guaranteed a prescription. While it's nice that the upfront costs of finding that out is a mere $15 which will be refunded to you if you are rejected for treatment, it's still an investment in both time and getting your hopes up for something that may not work out for you.

But what happens if you do get a prescription? That's where things get a little bit trickier. You have to pay for the medication upfront before they will ship it to you. And because it is a prescription medication, they cannot accept returns nor will they issue refunds. So there is a very real chance you may get stuck with a bottle of something or other that doesn't do you any good and that you can't get your money back from.

In their commercials, GetRoman claims to be a safer and healthier alternative to online pharmacies which claim they can sell you a supply of drugs like Viagra without a prescription, accurately pointing out that many of those counterfeit products are full of dangerous chemicals and cannot be trusted. But there may be certain ways in which GetRoman.Com can't be trusted, either. If you do a search on the Better Business Bureau database, You'll find that Roman Health Ventures Inc doesn't have a BBB rating, even though they are an accredited business. Furthermore, they have 5 customer complaints and only a 3 out of 5 star review from customers. What are common customer complaints, you may ask? Two of the five were unavailable, as if they were national security redacted documents. The other three specifically cited:

  • Difficulty processing orders
  • Difficulty shipping orders
  • Getting charged multiple times for a single order
  • Getting passed around to multiple doctors
  • getting charged for orders that were never shipped
  • Auto shipping orders without authorization from the patient
  • Ineffective medication

Three of the five complaints are listed as results, but two of them only went answered and did not end with a resolution. Furthermore, unless there's something in the redacted text that GetRoman wants to keep very, very quiet, none of their customers have experienced adverse side effects from any of these prescription drugs...Yet. But the company has only been in business for about a year, so there's still time for things to go south.

If you're too embarrassed to talk to a doctor and you're unsure about consulting one online, there are alternatives. You could try ordering a natural male enhancement supplement via the internet. They don't require a prescription from a doctor, they're safe, and they're usually much more affordable than dangerous prescription drugs. We strongly urge you to take a look at our reviews page if you want to browse products from some of the most reputable manufacturers on the market today.