Lucidal Cognitive Performance Enhancer

Review - Brain Supplements
Constant Focus surprised our testers with its impressive results. Not only were attention span and mental clarity boosted, our testers reported a general increase in well-being. Constant Focus is the best brain support supplement of the brands we tested. Constant Focus is highly recommended with a must buy recommendation.
Focus Factor is a heavily-marketed product that's widely available. Our testers reported enhanced concentration and attention to detail, but only after using Focus Factor for a relatively long period of time. Because of this long latency period, we gave Focus Factor a tentative buy rating.
Attend is yet another supplement we tested. According to our volunteers, this product did offer noticeable results but simply not the same level of results as the top-rated product. Considering that there are at least two better products widely available, Attend received a do not buy rating.
Of the four supplements we tested, Lucidal provided the lowest level of results. Although the set of ingredients is similar to those of other products, many of our testers simply stopped taking Lucidal because they didn't feel there was a sufficient difference to even continue using the product. We therefore gave Lucidal a a do not buy rating.

Review of Lucidal Brain Support Supplement

Rated: 41 out of 100

Lucidal promises, according to the manufacturer's website, to improve memory, mental clarity and focus. The website even touts a clinical test confirming these claims. Unfortunately, there is no documentation offered by the manufacturers to prove the effectiveness of Lucidal. Despite the fact that this product was actually developed (according to marketing materials) by a neurologist, there is very little information provided about the individual ingredients in Lucidal or their effectiveness.

So how does Lucidal compare to the other brain support supplements we reviewed?

Read the details of our tests below.

A summary of Lucidal compared to the #1-rated product:

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A

Overall Score Complete Solution Test Results Customer Service Recommendation
Brand Price      
Constant Focus $49.95


Must buy
Focus Factor $39.99


Tentative buy
Attend $36.95


Do not buy
Lucidal $54.95


Do not buy

Lucidal provided the lowest level of results of all the supplements we tested. This negative result surprised us. In fact, at first we speculated that a significant portion of our volunteers had simply stopped taking the supplement and had neglected to inform us. In fact, our volunteers had continued to take the product as recommended.

Whenever we encounter a product that delivers a low level of results, we speculate on whether or not we received a bad batch of product. It is possible that there are lot numbers of Lucidal available that would have a more positive effect. On the other hand, if quality control is such that an ineffective batch of product was actually sold to customers, this is another factor against Lucidal. Please note that we have no evidence whatsoever that there was actually a bad batch -- we are merely speculating on reasons for a lack of positive results.

Lucidal Ingredients

Like Focus Factor, Lucidal has so many ingredients (50!) crammed into three capsules that there cannot possibly be enough brain support ingredients to beat the top-rated product. Most of the ingredients are in common multivitamins or multiminerals. We think nutritional supplements for the brain should focus on brain enhancing ingredients.

Lucidal: Final Review

Considering the relatively low level of results, Lucidal was given a do not buy recommendation.