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Her Fit Shape Detox Tea

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Review of Her Fit Shape Detox Tea

Rated: 90 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Not only is the winter season in full swing, but the new year is just around the corner. And if you're like most people, you're probably thinking about celebrating by making some New Year's resolutions. And what's the most popular New Year's resolution people make every year? Well, of course, it's to lose weight. But what if you could lose weight and put your body through a cleansing detox at the same time? Well, the makers of Her Fit Shape detox tea claim that you can do just that.

It's a fairly simple plan, really. All you have to do is drink a cup of tea every morning with breakfast for two weeks. The ingredients in Her Fit Shape are designed to help you accomplish several goals simultaneously. You can lose weight, especially body fat; you can help improve your kidney and liver function; and, more important than ever these days, you can boost your metabolism by improving your gut health. In this review, we'll explain how it all works.

Her Fit Shape detox tea

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You've probably already heard of people doing smoothie cleanses or juice cleanses. Well, if you have the money and the spare time to purchase expensive organic produce and make your own smoothies or juices, that's a very healthy option. Or, you could save some money and give Her Fit Shape a chance. It's an easy, efficient, and affordable way to put your body through a powerful and effective detox. It'll leave you with more energy, less belly bloat, and improved wellness overall.

Her Fit Shape Ingredients

The ingredients in Her Fit Shape are the most impressive part about this tea. Unlike some other detox formulas, Her Fit Shape has everything you need for a successful whole body cleanse. It contains exactly the ingredients you need to keep you energized, curb your food cravings, and help your body eliminate excess fat from around your waist line. It will also improve the health of your major detoxing organs: your kidneys, your liver, and your gut. Best of all, it has a delicious flavor that makes it difficult to follow the rules and limit yourself to only one cup a day. But trust us - this formula so effective that you'll definitely want to use it as directed. Her Fit Shape contains:

  • Lotus flower is great for detox purposes, and for starting a diet. One of the main reasons diets fail is because of anxiety - and when most people are anxious, they reach for fattening foods. But lotus flowers have a calming effect, and they can also help block new fat from being stored in your system.
  • Senna is an essential part of any detox. It is especially good for cleaning out your colon and flushing away excess waste. It's the perfect tea ingredient for anyone who wants to make sure their pants fit looser and their tummy looks flatter.
  • Hawthorn berry extract. Kidney function is also important if you're serious about your detox needs. When your kidneys aren't functioning at their best, your body has trouble getting rid of excess fluids. This can leave you feeling bloated, fat, and uncomfortable. Drinking hawthorn berry extract is a great way to wake up your kidneys and help them cleanse your system.
  • You're also going to want to include Siberian ginseng if you want to do a thorough cleanse and improve your health and wellness. Siberian ginseng is exactly where it sounds like it's from, but it doesn't have much in common with other forms of ginseng. It is primarily used to reduce inflammation, especially inflammation in the gut. It also helps protect you from getting colds and flus.
  • Orange peel contains a special type of plant fiber: pectin. One of the reasons health specialists encourage you to eat whole fruit instead of juicing it is because this essential fiber gets filtered out when you juice your fruits. Pectin helps you feel full so that you don't give into food cravings. It also makes Her Fit Shape taste great.
  • Lemongrass is another delightfully citrus and delicious part of the Her Fit Shape formula. But it's not just there for taste. It's also there because of the detox and weight-loss benefits that come with drinking it. It's great for making you feel full before a meal so that you eat less and don't feel hungry later.
  • Tea snobs may turn up their nose, but oolong tea is just as good as its sister varieties from Japan. In fact, they may have equally good yet different health benefits. Oolong tea has some of the highest levels of antioxidants that you can find in alternative varieties of green tea. These antioxidants help ward off diabetes and burn off belly fat.
  • Spearmint leaves are also an important part of this detox tea. They add to the fresh, robust flavor of this tea while also helping to calm the stomachs of people who suffer from nausea or indigestion.
  • Sencha green tea is one of the most nutritious teas you can get your hands on. Special cultivation and farming practices ensure that this highly concentrated version of green tea contains an ample supply of nutrients. Sencha also contains a less harsh amount of caffeine to give you just enough pep without making you feel jittery.
  • Yerba mate is considered the drink of the gods according to South American legend. The wide variety of health benefits from drinking yerba mate run the gamut from weight loss to appetite suppression to enhanced energy levels and more.

Is Her Fit Shape A Good Detox Cleanse?

If you're thinking about performing a detox cleanse, then we think that Her Fit Shape is definitely worth considering. All of the ingredients on this list that we mentioned earlier are perfect for encouraging your body to flush toxins out of its system. You'll have more energy, get your flat tummy back, and feel healthier from head to toe. You can learn more about Her Fit Shape here.

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