Dual Action Cleanse Colon Cleanser Reviews

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Dual Action Cleanse Review

Rated: 65 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

According to their marketing material, Dual Action Cleanse colon cleanser will remove toxic buildup, make you feel cleaner, eliminate bloating, and give you healthy-looking skin and hair. Based on all of these claims, we were actually looking forward to testing Dual Action Cleanse. We hoped it'd be the colon cleanser it claimed to be.

However, as you read our Dual Action Cleanse reviews below, you'll quickly see this wasn't the case. In fact, Dual Action Cleanse was one of the biggest disappointments of all the products we tested.

Our staff of experts have rated a number of products in this category and have listed their recommendations.

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Overall Score Complete Solution Test Results Customer Service Recommendation
Brand Price      
Core Cleanse $59.95


Must buy
Bowtrol $88.00


Tentative buy
Colonix $80.00


Do not buy
Dual Action Cleanse $79.90


Do not buy

Dual Action Cleanse Reviews

We tested and graded Dual Action Cleanse on the following categories: safety, ingredients, customer satisfaction, success rate, customer service, and overall value. Unfortunately, our colon cleanse reviews panel found this product to be severely lacking in each of these categories. In fact, Dual Action Cleanse finished in the bottom half in every single facet we tested. Far from the results we expected, to say the least.

Dual Action Cleanse Ingredients

So, why does this colon cleanser fail to live up to they hype? Perhaps it’s because of the Dual Action Cleanse ingredients. The pills are made from a pair of “proprietary formulas.” In total, there are over 50 ingredients that go into these colon cleanse pills.

Well, no wonder it doesn’t work! There are far too many ingredients in this formula. When you have so many ingredients, you never have high enough levels of any individual ingredient for it to be effective. In essence, the ingredients are all watered down.

Does Dual Action Cleanse Work?

As you can probably tell by now, Dual Action Cleanse does NOT work. The vast majority of our testers said they experienced no tangible benefits, and most said they wouldn’t continue their use of this colon cleanser.

Because of these results, we had to rate Dual Action Cleanse a Do Not Buy. If you’re looking for a truly effective colon cleanser, we suggest learning more about our top rated product.