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RevitaShape Cellulite Cream

Review - Cellulite Reduction
Cellulite MD
Cellulite MD was the universally preferred cellulite cream tested by the Product-Critic review panel. This skin cream targets the root causes of cellulite to prevent skin dimpling from appearing. Cellulite MD also helps to tone the buttocks and lower abdominal area. A Free Trial for Cellulite MD is available on the product's web site.
RevitaShape produced the most effective cellulite reduction among our subjects. 95% of our subjects were satisfied with the cellulite treatment RevitaShape produced and is the second-most effective cellulite cream Product-Critic has reviewed.
Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula contains the best natural anti-cellulite ingredients to help make cellulite a thing of the past.
StrixadermMD SOS Cellulite Cream is specially blended and formulated to lessen the presence of cellulite.
Murad Firm and Tone performed moderately with our test panel. Of the 135 women who sample Murad Firm, 67% reported a slight cellulite reduction after two weeks of daily topical application.

Rated: 94 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Revitashape cellulite reductionRevitaShape is a cream for women who are suffering from cellulite. This anti-cellulite cream is to be applied twice daily to achieve maximum results.

RevitaShape ranked among the top cellulite creams tested by our review panel. The margin of success between RevitaShape and the third place cellulite cream was almost 30%. In other words, #2 RevitaShape and #1 product, Cellulite MD, stole the show.

Based on our testing, we believe RevitaShape is one of the most reliable cellulite reduction treatments currently available on the market. Our testers seemed to agree.

  1 Month Supply Overall Score Visible Cellulite Reduction? Improved Skin Firmness? Burned Body Fat? Rating
Cellulite MD Free Trial


Yes Yes Yes Must Buy
RevitaShape Free Trial


Yes Yes Mostly Must Buy
Biolabs Formula $79.95


Yes Mostly Yes Must Buy

RevitaShape Review

The women in our group could not believe how fast RevitaShape worked for them. They reported smoother skin in just days. One tester remarked, “I can’t believe how quickly this cellulite cream worked! Within just a few days, I could already start seeing results that none of the other cellulite creams produced in an entire six weeks.”

95% of the women in our test group were satisfied with the cellulite reduction results of using RevitaShape. Such lofty success rates can be boasted by only one other cellulite cream we tested.The other products don't even compare.

This cellulite cream succeeds on every level. It makes the skin healthier; removes cellulite; and it works quickly and safely.

RevitaShape Ingredients

RevitaShape combines the most effective cellulite fighting ingredients known to man. A few of the ingredients in this cellulite cream are: Glaucine, Coenzyme-A, Burpleurum Falcarum, and Centella Asiatica extract. The combination of these ingredients is a cellulite cream that effectively fights cellulite better than any other cellulite cream on today's market.

RevitaShape: Final Word

Considering the improvement we saw in our subjects and their level of satisfaction, we rated RevitaShape as a Must Buy cellulite cream. Women with all levels of cellulite damage can benefit from using this cellulite cream. In fact, the majority of our patients said they would continue using RevitaShape, and they would recommend the cellulite cream to their friends. Again, one of the most effective of all the cellulite treatments today. Visit TryRevitaShape.com for more information.