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Cellulite MD
Cellulite MD was the universally preferred cellulite cream tested by the Product-Critic review panel. This skin cream targets the root causes of cellulite to prevent skin dimpling from appearing. Cellulite MD also helps to tone the buttocks and lower abdominal area. A Free Trial for Cellulite MD is available on the product's web site.
RevitaShape produced the most effective cellulite reduction among our subjects. 95% of our subjects were satisfied with the cellulite treatment RevitaShape produced and is the second-most effective cellulite cream Product-Critic has reviewed.
Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula contains the best natural anti-cellulite ingredients to help make cellulite a thing of the past.
StrixadermMD SOS Cellulite Cream is specially blended and formulated to lessen the presence of cellulite.
Murad Firm and Tone performed moderately with our test panel. Of the 135 women who sample Murad Firm, 67% reported a slight cellulite reduction after two weeks of daily topical application.

Rated: 93 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Biolabs Anti-Cellulite FormulaThere are many different cellulite creams out on the market today. Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula is one of the newest products available. It can be applied 2-3 times per day for maximized results by massaging a liberal amount of the cream onto cellulite-affected skin.

Out of all the cellulite creams tested, Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula out-performed many of its competitors. However, despite impressive results, it only managed to snag the #3 spot on our list. For more information, and to find out which products ranked higher, continue reading the full review below.

  1 Month Supply Overall Score Visible Cellulite Reduction? Improved Skin Firmness? Burned Body Fat? Rating
Cellulite MD Free Trial


Yes Yes Yes Must Buy
RevitaShape Free Trial


Yes Yes Mostly Must Buy
Biolabs Formula $79.95


Yes Mostly Yes Must Buy

Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula Review

Out of all the creams tested, Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula was one of the few which delivered satisfying results in less than eight weeks. The vast majority of testers reported smoother skin, a visible reduction in cellulite dimples, and enhanced skin tone. Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula is designed to attack the major causes of cellulite, including excess fluid retention, uneven pockets of fat cells under the skin, and loose skin.

Testers who were surveyed reported that, with regards to these causes of cellulite, the Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula eliminated nearly all of the causes. When asked, over 80% of surveyed users said they would buy the product again, and a similar majority confirmed that they would recommend the product to a friend or relative who also suffers from cellulite problems.

Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula Ingredients

One of the good things about Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula is its ingredients list. For starters, the product includes caffeine, which is a proven and potent ingredient when it comes to enhancing your skin tone, flushing toxins, and evening out unwanted cellulite dimples.

It also utilizes the power of Bladderwrack Extract and L-Carnitine to reduce inflammation and remove excess fluid. As discussed, these are two major contributors to the visibility of cellulite. When you minimize unwanted swelling and eliminate extra fluid trapped beneath the skin's surface, it will give your affected areas a smoother, taut appearance.

Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula: Final Word

Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula we tested performed much better than many of its competitors. It comes with a fairly solid list of ingredients included in each tube, and many of them work well at smoothing your skin and reducing the uneven fat deposits which make cellulite more visible. Additionally, you can purchase supplies of the cream online from many different retailers, most of which offer you at least 30 days to try the product or return it for a refund.

However, it did not perform well enough to get any higher than our top #3 pick. Even though Biolabs Anti-Cellulite Formula provides good results, there are still two other products that perform stronger for their given price points. They also come with a better list of effective ingredients which give you fast, effective results.