Bloussant Reviews: Does Bloussant Work?

Review - Breast Enlargement
Perfect Curves was clearly the most effective product that we tested. On average our testers increased their breast size by an impressive 1.5 cups. This product caused no side effects, produced significant size increases, and achieved permanent results (all of our testers have still maintained their breast size 1 year later).
FemShape is a combination capsule/gel system that produced respectable results. However the pricing of the FemShape system was higher than that of the top-recommended product, and the results our testers saw trailed those of the top product. FemShape received a tentative buy recommendation.
Breast Actives is a high quality product that had the ability to achieve permanent breast enlargement.Bargain shoppers should visit their website. As the results were not as effective as our top rated product, we rated Breast Actives a tentative buy.
Breast Success has been around for quite sometime now but we did not achieve much success from our testing. Although, our testers experienced some breast toning they achieved very little breast size increase and after the 2nd to 3rd month the effects seemed to dissipate.

Bloussant Breast Enlargement Pills Results

Rated: 48 out of 100

Bloussant is a breast enlargement pill containing a blend of herbal products.

According to the Bloussant website, women who take their product should have a full cup size increase within 6 weeks, with maximum results equalling an increase of 4 cup sizes. Our product review results showed no permanent increase in breast size and no change whatsoever after an initial firming of our testers' breasts.

See the details of our study below.

  6 months capsules only Overall Score Avg size increase Firmer breasts? Improved breast contour? Rating Product website
Perfect Curves $199.95


1.5 cups



must buy
Bloussant $517.95


0 cups



do not buy

Bloussant Reviews

Initially our testers were quite excited with the firming of their breasts. When that proved to be the end of results, they were disappointed, hence the negative Bloussant reviews. While it is possible that an increase in breast size would have begun after taking Bloussant for four months, but frankly we saw no reason to extend the test period. Additionally, Bloussant is only a breast enlargement pill and is not a complete system that includes a topical gel like our top-rated product.

Bloussant Ingredients

Bloussant does not contain ingredients particularly different from the other products tested, so the extra $320 price tag must be due to advertising and marketing costs only. There is no mention of a product guarantee anywhere on the official website.

Due to the excessive price tag and lack of breast size increase, we give this product a do not buy rating.