Oral Sex Enhancer and Semen Taste Improvement

Review - Oral Sex Enhancer
Sweet Release formula is an all-natural combination of fruit and berry extracts, in a vegetarian capsule. Sweet Release for Men gives semen an apple taste and Sweet Release for Women an orange taste. We gave Sweet Release a must buy recommendation.
Not to be confused with Semenax, the volume increasing pill, Semenex comes in a powder form with a 30 serving container costing considerably more than a 30 day supply of the Top Rated Product. Results were noticed within 24 hours.
Sweetenze has similar ingredients to the top rated oral sex enhancer but with limited results was the least favorite of our testers.

Compare Oral Sex Enhancers and Semen Taste Products

Oral sex enhancement products are among the most unusual, and most interesting, we discovered during our research into male enhancement pills. Oral sex enhancers are a small category of products that claim to change semen taste (and in some cases, the taste of a woman's vaginal secretions as well).

Improving semen taste is important for men whose partners dislike the flavor of semen. This is a relatively common complaint. Oral sex is more of a chore than a pleasure for most people. These oral sex enhancers are formulated to make oral sex more enjoyable, improving the taste of semen, and opening up a new level of intimacy between partners.

To be frank, we did not expect any surprises when conducting this study. The actual results were rather eye-opening.

Our staff of experts have rated a number of products in this category and have listed their recommendations.

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Overall Score Recommendation Test Results Customer Service
Brand Price    
Sweet Release $29.95


Must buy
Semenex $139.95


Do not buy
Sweetenze $59.95


Do not buy

Sweet Release

Rated: 98 out of 100
by Product-Critic.com

Sweet Release proved to be the most effective of all the oral sex enhancers tested. Men who tried Sweet Release reported results in just a few days (average 5 days). Their partners reported a surprising improvement in semen taste. "It tastes just like a Golden Delicious apple," one woman noted.

Overall, the men who tested Sweet Release were 100% satisfied with their results. They indicated a great increase in oral sex with their partners. Many women who had never been willing to swallow semen in the past were much more willing to swallow.

"I know it's not every guy's thing, but I've always wanted my girlfriend to swallow," one tester reported. "She never would before, but now I don't even have to ask. She loves the taste of my semen."

The Sweet Release formula is an all-natural combination of fruit and berry extracts, in a vegetarian capsule. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply. There were no adverse side effects reported by our testers.

Sweet Release is the only product reviewed that received a Must buy recommendation. It should be noted that Sweet Release also has a female formulation that changes the taste of a woman's secretions to a tangy citrus. This product is also recommended. Sweet Release is available online or by phone.


Semenex is different from the other products tested. Instead of capsules, this oral sex enhancer comes in powder form. Semenex (not to be confused with Semenax, the semen volume pill) is a natural vegetarian blend of fruit and vegetable extracts along with chlorophyll and some other nutrients.

Each container of Semenex contains a limited number of doses ranging from 5-10. The 30-serving container is prohibitively expensive, costing four times more than the top-rated product.

Semenex did work fast. Within 24 hours of drinking a dose of Semenex, our testers reported results. Unfortunately the results did not last beyond a single ejaculation. After the first encounter, semen taste returned to normal.

Considering the lack of duration of results, coupled with the expensive price and the inconvenient delivery method, Semenex received a Do not buy recommendation.


Sweetenze was the least effective of the products tested. This oral sex enhancer is formulated similarly to the other products, and is delivered in capsule form. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

Our testers reported limited results after using Sweetenze. Approximately 20% of testers reported no results whatsoever.

Based on these negative reports, we see no reason to try Sweetenze. There are several more effective products on the market. Sweetenze received a Do not buy recommendation.