Eroluve Sexual Enhancement Lubricant

Rated: 95 out of 100

There are many different lubricants out there which can help you enhance your sexual experiences. Furthermore, there are many different types of lube in each category which serve specific purposes, depending on the naughty fun you're trying to have. Finding out which personal lubricant is best for you can be a bit of a confusing process because of the variety of products most consumers have to choose from.

Learn more about EroluveFirst, there are silicon-based lubricants. Many people like these types of lubes because they think they don't dry out as quickly and require less reapplication. But the problem with these types of lubes is that they're very corrosive when it comes to most sex toys. These days, more and more people are experimenting with incorporating new, fun things in the bedroom - sex toys included - so relying upon a silicone-based lubricant may not be the best option.

There are also oil-based lubricants available for purchase. Many people like these because they can double as a massage oil for easy transitions from romantic foreplay to amorous action. But, unfortunately, you can't have safe sex with an oil-based lubricant because its chemical structure is corrosive to latex condoms.

That's why most people prefer to incorporate water-based lubricants into their intimate moments. Our product testers tried out a new product called Eroluve, a water-based lubricant that seems to have several advantages over its competition. Below, we'll take a closer look at Eroluve and let you know whether or not it can spice up your sex life.

Our Review of Eroluve

Eroluve is a water-based lubricant that seems to outperform the competition, hands down. It is an odorless, colorless liquid that does not stain or ruin clothing or bed sheets. There's no sticky residue, and clean up is a breeze. It's perfectly safe to use for people, even if they have sensitive skin. Best of all, this formula has never been tested on animals - so you can rest assured that the product is cruelty free.

One interesting thing we noticed about Eroluve is the fact that, unlike other water-based lubricants, there's no need to frequently re-apply. If you like to have marathon sessions in the bedroom, and you start to feel the lubricant drying out, all you need is a little water (saliva also works) to refresh the lube you've already applied. It will instantly become as slick as it was the second you applied it to your anatomy. This means that your supply of Eroluve will last much longer than the competition, eventually saving you money in the long run.

Water-based lubricants are extremely popular because they typically have a "wetter" sensation than oil or silicone-based lubricants. Eroluve is no exception to this rule. In fact, many of our testers reported that, when compared to other water-based lubricants they had tried before, Eroluve was exceptionally slick. Overall, our tests showed and 97% satisfaction rate by those who tried the product.

Ingredients in Eroluve

The ingredients on Eroluve's label are exactly what you would expect to find from a high-quality, long lasting water-based lubricant. Obviously, the first and most important ingredient is - you guessed it - water. It also contains humectants such as sodium hyaluronate to keep everything slick and smooth for as long as you want. Lastly, the formula has environmentally-friendly preservatives, such as lactic acid, to keep your supply from breaking down or degrading overtime.

One thing we should talk about are the ingredients that Eroluve does not contain. This product, unlike many other water-based lubricants that you can buy, is paraben and sulfate free. This means you won't have to worry about putting potentially dangerous chemicals on your intimate areas, or the intimate areas of your partner. Thanks to the ingredients in Eroluve, you'll be getting a long lasting, highly viscous lubricant that will last you a long time - from the first drop to the bottom of the bottle.

How to Purchase Eroluve

Eroluve can be purchased right now for the very low price of $19.99. Now that may seem more expensive than your typical cheap drugstore lubricant. But don't be fooled. For starters, Eroluve is a much higher quality lube then whatever you might find at your local pharmacy. Furthermore, due to the fact that you don't need to reapply every few minutes, your supply of Eroluve will last you much longer than almost any other lube in the market today. In the long run, you'll be saving a ton of money by choosing Eroluve over most typical junk brands of lubricant.

Currently, you can only order your supply online from here. Eroluve is not sold in stores, and it is not yet available from trusted third-party vendors like Amazon, Groupon, or Wish - but you may get a good price on Eroluve from some of those web sites in the future, so keep checking.

Eroluve: The Final Verdict

So far, Eroluve is one of the best water-based lubricants our review experts has had a chance to try out. You get a lot of quality for the price, it feels silky smooth and slick, and you won't have to reapply as often, so it'll last you a lot longer. After all, few things in life are more unfortunate than running out of leave when you need it most.

We are particularly impressed by how you can simply refresh a single application of Eroluve with a little bit of water. Most other lubricants can't do this; and even those that can are typically more expensive than what you could get anywhere else. That, plus the fact that it is safe for use with sex toys and condoms makes this formula an essential part of anyone's bedroom fun.

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