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Epiclear Acne Spray Review

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RevitaClear acne care
RevitaClear 3-Step Acne Treatment is an all-natural anti-blemish system developed to reduce the frequency of facial break outs and acne-related redness through daily use of a cleaner, anti-acne gel and moisturizer.
ClearPores is an entire line of products designed to minimize acne outbreaks. The ClearPores three step acne treatment includes a Deep Wash, Herbal Formula preventative and long acting Fortifying Cream.
Murad Acne Complex
Murad manufacturers a wide variety of over-the-counter skin care products, of which Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel is the most appropriate for acne treatment and prevention. Murad Gel is a thick liquid designed to be applied after cleansing the skin of the face.
ZenMed is a topical cream with natural ingredients that is used to treat scars and imperfections caused by acne, eczema, and rosacea. ZenMed also works against body acne and stretch marks.

Epiclear Acne Spray

Rated: 50 out of 100

Epiclear is an over-the-counter spray-on product applied 1-3 times per day on skin that has been cleaned. After being sprayed on, Epiclear is rubbed in with the fingertips. Epiclear can be used anywhere on the body.

According to the manufacturers, Epiclear's active ingredients consist of 0.5% salicylic acid and "new liposome technology."

  • The exfoliating and cleansing properties of salicylic acid are well-known - salicylic acid is a common ingredient in topical acne medications. It functions as an exfoliant and is also used to treat psoriasis.
  • A liposome is an artificial bubble, made of fat, that can transport a drug or other substances into a cell. Epiclear uses liposomes constructed of soy to deliver Vitamins A, C and E to the cells of the skin. Because the liposomes penetrate the cell walls, the antioxidants are released directly into the cells.

The Epiclear formula is both dye- and fragrance-free.

Epiclear has been clinically tested. According to the study posted on the Epiclear web site, their product out-performed placebo by 5-10 times.

Epiclear seems to function as a combination acne medication and lotion. The delivery of vitamins directly into skin cells certainly has a positive effect but whether or not it directly reduces acne is unclear.

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